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For those who are planning a Paris binge or simply want to digest the food scene vicariously, the following blogs are totally delicious.

David Lebovitz
A pastry chef and author who combines sweet recipes with acidic (and hilarious) tales about life in Paris. He also offers plenty of restaurant recommendations and reviews.

Chocolate & Zucchini
One of the earliest and still most-popular food bloggers, this young Parisian compliments her recipes with an incredibly helpful French-English food glossary, and guide to favorite markets, shops, and restaurants.

Dorie Greenspan
The author of four baking bibles, Dorie spends a good part of every year eating and writing in Paris. When she tells me where to buy pastry, I listen.

Alex Lobrano's Diner's Journal
The long-time local correspondent for Gourmet magazine wrote an excellent restaurant guide in 2008. He shares news and updated recommendations on this restaurant blog.

John Talbott's Paris
The most prolific eater/writer I have ever followed. As co-host of the food-geeky eGullet France Forum, John Talbott has his finger on the pulse of the local restaurant scene. The blog houses his own reviews, along with regular summaries of what everyone else has said.

Adrian Moore
The self-styled "bad boy" of the local food scene, Adrian has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in his role as a five star hotel concierge. Restaurant reviews and the occasional rant.

Ms. Glaze Pommes d'Amour
Now cooking in New York, this young foodie spent several years in the kitchen of a three-star Paris restaurant and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the local food scene. She also created a Paris tour for teens that many chaperones will find handy.

Simon Says!
The personal blog of Francois Simon, lead critic for Le Figaro and (some say) the inspiration for Anton Ego, the ill-humored critic from Ratatouille. Many articles in English, thanks in part to his collaborator Joe Ray.

Practice your French or simply enjoy the food porn from this prolific and opinionated eater. Handy categories will help you find a restaurant that's open for brunch or on Sunday.

Meg Zimbeck
Can I nominate myself? Here's my personal blog, where you'll find the reviews and other bits that don't make it into Budget Travel.

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