New York City Theater/Theatre Blogs
New York City Theater/Theatre Blogs

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The following is a partial list.

Andrew and Phil
West End Whingers


Dennis Baker
Dennis Baker


Bill Brown
Creating Theater


Linda Buchwald

Pataphysical Science

Robert Bullen

Confessions of a Chicago Theatre Addict

Chris Caggiano

Everything I Know I Learned from Musicals

Zack Calhoon

Visible Soul

Jodi Schoenbrun Carter
Off-Stage Right

Wendy Caster
Show Showdown

Trish Causey
Musical Theatre Talk


Jody Christopherson
New York Theatre Review


Corine Cohen
Corine's Corner


Rebecca Coleman
The Art of the Business


Kevin Daly
Theatre Aficionado at Large

Ken Davenport

The Producer's Perspective

Ryan J. Davis

Ryan J. Davis Blogs


Steven Dein
Stage to Perform On

Jeremy Dobrish
Jeremy's Green Room

Donell James Foreman


Ian Foster
Ought to Be Clowns

Michael Gilboe
Broadway Bullet

Diana Glazer


Susan Grace
Grace Notes


Shawn C. Harris
Love's Labors Lost

Byrne Harrison
Stage Buzz


Vance Hues


Sam Hurwitt
The Idiolect

Leonard Jacobs
The Clyde Fitch Report

Yvonne Korshak
Let's Talk Off-Broadway


Laura and Aileen
The Craptacular


Kimberly Lew
Emerging Musical Theatre


Steve Loucks
Steve on Broadway

Mark Lowry
Theater Jones


Jonathan Mandell
New York Theater


Doug Marino
Act Three - The Reviews


James Marino
Broadway Stars

Tulis McCall
Usher Nonsense


Andrew McGibbon
The Andy Gram


Scott Miller
New Line Theatre


Jimmy Mondschein
Third Row Mezzanine


Oscar E. Moore
Oscar E. Moore


John Morrison
John Morrison

Broadway Mouth
Broadway Mouth


Alissa Norby
Showbiz Chicago


Jesse North
Stage Rush


Sasha Pensanti
Happen to Like NY

Robin Riegelhaupt
Reviewing the Drama

Aaron Riccio
That Sounds Cool

Sarah Roberts
Adventures in the Endless Pursuit of Entertainment

Michael Roderick
One Producer in the City

Adam Rothenberg
Adaumbelle's Quest

Jan Simpson
Broadway and Me


James Sims
Sofa Snark


Jon Sobel
The Bagel and the Rat


David Spencer
Aisle Say

Ethan Stanislawski
Tynan's Anger


Martha Wade Steketee
Urban Excavations


Nicole Stodard
Drama Daily

Zev Valancy
On Chicago Theatre


Gil Varod
Broadway Abridged

Robert Walport
The Tyro Theatre Critic


Kim Weild
Kim Weild


Spencer Williams
A Broadway Critic


Rogue Zentradi
An American Look at London Theatre

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