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Ballroom Theater/Theatre Arts Ithaca:
This is a page to describe the careful integration of Classical Ballet- with the assistance of  local Ballet Masters and Mistresses, , modern and lyrical techniques to International Ballroom Dance Standards to produce a show quality of Ballroom Dance Performance.
The Interntional Standard is established by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Ballroom Dancing;
Two years of classical ballet, the Danish or British approach.
Modern dance teachniques of both Martha Graham, and Cunningham,
These are the bare necessities to produce the quality of both the dance performance, and, but most of all,  the presents of performance.  Presents = Something like when some one is skilled with a crowd who could walk into the room, and the very second they enter the room, for moment, everyone is caught motionless, the people is theirs' completely.
Ballroom Theatre Arts grew out the diversity of performances which was Vaudville.  This is where both Fred and his sister Adel Astaire go their start, and where also, they learned how to please a crowd.  What they did, and in order to eat, they learned what dance forms the public liked and what they did not like.  These theatres were tough rooms, and many before them during the 1910s and thereafter 1920s got the hook ( which was term - they were out the bizzzzz, permenantly ).  Nonetheless, they lighted the way for Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly, Donald O'connor, Ginger Rodgers, and many others.  Most of whom, use to see this brother and sister dance act.
It was Gene Kelly who brought pure kenetic energy to dance by adding strength, and some of the most dangerous stuff  he could choreograph, leaping from one Hollywood dangerous set to another, and with no net below to catch the $5,000.00 a week actor-dancer ( which in todays income range would be    $25,000.00-$40,000.00).
Thus began Ballroom Theatre Arts.
For those who are interested, and especially for those who have classical ballet background sign in the registration page.

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