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Washington DC Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

American Section / Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network ( Mission InterCultural Communications ).
Created December 1, 2008

The selected American cities are based upon their openess and rich cultural character. Nonetheless, every city selcted has a vibrant night life / nightlife, location of excellent collection of art, theatres / theaters and an active capuses life supported by a core of student organizations, faculty and academic cultural activities which provides a real workings of InterCultural Communications.

It is the key function of InterCultural Communications which is central to the present globalization of the human experiences which have developed a new consciousness. This is given opportunity to promote both International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement to be informally developed within the enclosed selcted city communities.

National Cultural Fiestas

The national aspect of the International and Nation Cultural Fiesta Movement is based upon how the sected European cities have both social and cultural infuences upon smaller communities within their and thus its National sphere of influence. This is crucial in as much as National Cultural Fiestas proivdes both national idenity from the perspective of personal community pride and the internal personal resources such event promotions creates.

The National and International Cultural Fiesta Movement

An online manuel program / activities template, crossed linked - as per the enclosed site's footer, to define suggested program quidelines. These quidelines are clearly defined in such a way as to lend how each National cultural attributes and their social and cultural behavorism can be transmitted to others societies world wide. Moreover, such activies immediate lends to other non - for - profit and equally applied for profit organizations their own voices

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InterCultural Communications and The Internet:
A brief on how the Internet is being implemented to promote this on a global scale.
Main Focus: Internet Promotions
InterCultural Communications and Promotions
Ithaca's Top Dog ( Internet Master )

The Local, National and International Social Calendar: Where each selected community, as well as those who have been suggested are promoted to be viewed by the global community of computer users. Here are the Social Calendar of weekly events at Washiington, DC& its Academic Institutions
Arts and Entertainment News
For additional information see ' About Us '
Moderated, written largely, and edited by Mr. Roger M. Christian, Ithaca, New York until a local community representitives ares found.

As well as Ithaca Impact
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Established January 3, 2009.
We are looking for new innovative cartoon charcters.
Moreover, economic trends in both the United States, Asia, and Europe with emphasis on new development and future trends are likewise being sought. Also, and if you like the look - format recommend your own community if you are likewise willing to help..

Image: Atlanta at Night: Atlanta Night Life ( NightLife ), RMCAtlanta at Night: A Cultural Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
Through January 11, 2009

Set in social - cultural traits of Southern hospitality and charm Atlanta is becoming rapidly a world class urban center. With its youth population becoming a dominate force Atlanta beats very hard and lively to new tunes of both Jazz and Blues. In May, soulful sounds of the sax are heard throughout the city during the Atlanta Jazz Festival, one of the largest Jazz festivals in America. Thus everyone plays it up real hard for rocking fun and excitment. No wonder you will see entertainment personalities like Elton John wondering about between their tours, local recording sessions, and gigs.

Atlanta is also the defacto cultural capitol of Africa America adding to its integration as an important destination city for investment interests and more diverse cultural scene as well. This likewise has given Atlanta NightLife something in which most American cities look on with envy.

Atlanta has a very broad set of venues in from which starting entertianment artists has launched their careers. In fact Atlanta has more bars than meeting places of worship.

The NightLife Districts of Atlanta, Georgia:

·Downtown Atlanta

·Greater Atlanta

·Perimeter NW

·Atlanta Airport - College Park

·Midtown Atlanta


·Perimeter NE

Image: World of the Arts: 127.63 x 107.32 cm (50 1/4 x 42 1/4 in.) A State, National and International Guide - Directory of Art.International and National Arts Network, RMC

Visual cultural representation is graphically illustrated in all forms of art, and the arts. One of the most important aspects of human behavior is art. As part of a worldwide initiative, International and National Arts Network, RMC is seeking information and suggestions about local artisits their drawings, watercolor, sculptures, paintings, and otther art works as well as suggested public Art Galleries and Studios and private collections.

Issue: The Challenge to the Arts.

This relfects how the creative thinking processes, along with a constructed social and economic column-how everything relates to each other in these areas of human endeavors, in developing focus points, and the empirical data acquired, in which to draw conclusions on the present needs and desires of the American civilization.

Spectra Analysis:

A light beam is flashed against the white indoor wall and all one sees is a lighted white wall. Most logic is based upon this visual form of analysis-to keep it simple in this discussion. However, once you place a crystal prison between the source of light and the wall, you will see defferent colorizations appear, a spectrum of color.

In truth, if there is a reality to what one investigator is trying to either investigate or immediate observes:

What is more accurate ?

The lighted white wall?

Or the wall after a crystal prison is placed in between ?

From this site's view its the crystal prison application which debunks the present methods of analysis and the rethoric in the poltical-sphere of left, right and center at the sametime. Every event, and form of human behavior has different forms of colorization which affects their actions and how they are precieved.

Every issue or event likewise has their own time line. Once it is known what ones sees or hears is part of human action or actions, then both the physical and emotional state are likewise subjects for reviews. Spectra analysis, on the other hand, add others components as well. IE. you can not separate the sexuality which is inherited in each event. The central reason is that when you deal with human events you are dealing with a coalition of personalities which must meet a certian point of views of either mutual agreement or disagreement which creates the event in the first place.

Moreover, there are other factors which are likewise happening within the environment in which events occur. Each is not separeted from each other but it is who is observing which lends greater focus. What I discovered its that when one event was happening in lets say area A something is likewise happening in area B. However, all most knows is what is happening in area A as no one had decided to make a similar analysis of what likewise occured in area B. The real punch comes in certain human events, in the meantime, is that what had happened in area B had a significant influence of what actually did happen in area A.

This was discovered in Women Studies at the State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo State College when I went beyond the course depiction of Settlement Houses of the late 19th Centuray America to have continued influence of events today. However, when you discuss Settlement Houses today many will not know what you are talking about. None the less, every major city and most American communities have Playgrounds which was one of the success in which the feminist leaders of the Settlement houses were able to bring about within American culture as well as the Initial funding of the N.A.A.C.P.

This form of analysis is likewise urgently needed now, and in the following descriptive views which are the article themselves are the leading factors of why.

To submit press releases, please

Image: Center 60Main WebSite Socio - Cultural Innovation

Du Avant Garde

As included in this site --- as an example ---is the view of revolution and the Internet.

Social Revolutions and the Internet Influence:

The term social revolution may have different connotations depending on the writting, audience, and age groups.

In the Trotskyist movement, the term "social revolution" refers to an upheaval in which existing property relations are smashed. This spured on the October Revolution in Russia in 1917 and the Cuban Revolution, as both caused capitalist (and in some cases pre-capitalist) property relations to turn into post-capitalist property relations as they operated by plan rather than by market. All of it failed in as much as there was always a conditional connection between personal consensus and market forces And hard as they tried they could not feed their populace.

Today social revolutions are contrasted with an accelerator of a sorts by a technological revolution as well as an over taking and powerful information revolution created by the Internet. Political revolutions are becoming more ethnocentric in their domains in which there has been a slow land grab-possibly the last we will ever know. Governments, or the dominate ethic groups are not necessarily replaced but are divorced.

Once a basic idenity is achieved or altered, but in which both social and cultural relations are predominantly left intact by traditional known human governance, then the state in which controls the territory has survived. Today, and as a result, social revolutions do now, and most dramtically imply the necessity that the personal idenity as a whole has more of a say or control over education and the aspirations of their youth, and are likewise to obtain highly advance technological information portals and supporting goods and services personal goals.

In countries such as Gabon, Africa, this has foster additional national anxiety as education and information about other successful ethnic struggles are likewise revealing a great Internal Exile of one's former ethnic idenity. It was the greater Internal Exile in which the majority of the Russian elite had which caused the rapid collaspe of the former Soviet Union. Confronted with this a social scape or focus is likewise formed. As a result several African as well as Eastern European States can no longer afford using traditional contraols over other ethnic groups and their lives, as several ethnic groupings are slowly denying that their own ethnic idenity to ever is in control, will be no more expropriated.

In this, the traditional rule of both libertarian socialist and anarchistic forms have completely lost their footings. The same is likewise true for Eurocentric social and cultural perceptions over youth, or those who are now under 24 years of age. Teen and young adult parlance, and the accelerated information social revolution is radically bottom-up, as opposed to both traditional education and sociopoliticcal and sociocultural existing vanguard, Thus this social form of revolution is now led by purely techno-informational revolution of the rapid increases in information various forms insourcings trigger by Internet spiders and i now actively triggering human behavioral reorganization of all society.

At one time, a century earlier .. " In the words of Peter Kropotkin, "social revolution means the reorganization of the industrial, economic life of the country and consequently also of the entire structure of society."

However, with William Gates and others in the lead of the Internet Revolution " The keys to power is who is the developer of information content and creating links which matches the focus of ones use of meta taggings. More generally, the term now used to depict social revolution is the resulting outsourcing now affecting human society through massive change in computer hardwear, and more high advanced products of telecommunications, such a cell phones. Soon, and very much the science fiction television tricoder used by the crew of the Star Ship Enterprise is now technically possible within just a few years.

Thus in the view of social revolutions there was the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the American Civil Rights Movement and the 1960 hippie or counterculture.

Now with additional grab for elite bandwidths of both academic information content, and published thesis after the year 1998, and reasearch analysis, the real reformation on religious beliefs, personal identity, freedom of speech, music and arts, fashion, alternative technology or environmentalism has started to decentralised both secondary education and higher education, as well as the popular media. The innovation of the LapTop is very much like the autos used during the 1950 and 60s which created a fire of additional national and International expectations of Americans as a whole.

Presently and possible too late, Islamic thinking, especially under the Shiite school of thought, a social revolution on their sociocultural orthodoxy of how they were created, are now, in the eventual confrontation of this massive globalization of information insourcing [ Which are right now crawling into their own information computer mainframe servers and websites and adding them to their indexs. ] has to be tyrannical and despotic to its people to maintain their radical political ends. In the meantime, those who are under the ages of 26 year s of age and are Arab middle class have already been exposed to the Internet. The resulting reaction caused by the initial underlying concept of an Islamic Revolution, though key concepts that moral freedom is the most important aspect of a human's fundemental needs, cannot condone the affects of its influences on this populace at the sametime. Thus an information cap is implacing an Internal Exile Islamic styled, especially in Iran. What the reaction of this youth sector will become when the sociopolitical processes creates the conditions of social stablization necessary for massive access to the Internet have already been triggered by the resulting needs for emotional liberation, which is historically socioculturally innate within the semitic cultures of this region. Thus the outsourcing of both the context and cultural democratic flow of resulting global scale of information could trigger an Islamic Reformation. If not then a collaspe of Islam itself; this is the present anxiety of " The Radical Islamists, and their drive for controls through impossed self-style political motivated harsh moral codes, along with their personal security anxeities. This philosophy, however, can not regulated the flow of information over the Internet throughout the world, nor into their own homes and children. Key Factor: Over the horizon is the integration of the Internet with satellite telecommunications.

It is for the reason why extremist have already evolving more dramatic computer viruses. This was already successfully used against the Israelis en masse. For those in the West there will be no massive class upheavals but the dramatic changes in the overall perceptual ranges of the emerging society taking benefit from the result of the social revolutions created by the Internet, now is bring about radical forms of cultural democracies to occur within the newer resulting traditions of social intercourse over the Internet.

We all are living in a new age.

Avant Garde Get - Togethers Network

Image: Dallas, Texas Disco image, height 271 (67 3/8 in.) Dallas Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
Through March 22, 2009

Dallas wild at times nightlife scene, along with enormous top billed performing artists. great theater, and an entire and diverse performances makes this city a real social and cultural mecca for fun loving Texas. And thats it. " Fun loving Texas. " In Texas you must want to exhibit that your are really alive just to make it to first base. This, as they say at the various cattle ranches and oil wells.

The next.......

"Live Music Capital of the World"

Srap on those boots of yours and wear the best of Stetsons. You are going to town doll! That means ridding bronks and dancing lively two steps and oaken wooden dance floors, and Western swing, which the gals here really like to spin to ( they don't get dizzy here).

"Greenville Avenue"

The stretch of Greenville Avenue from Ross Avenue to Mockingbird Lane comes alive each night when both locals and visitors flock to the myriad of unique shops, restaurants and clubs. Located just northeast of Downtown Dallas.

Image: chicago-night-life-nightlife-rmc Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
A City of Jazz

Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ( Roger Meredith Christian ) : Chicago is another American city that never sleeps. During the nights of it's up beat urban energies, and interests, many are caught by surprise how fresh of an experience it is in visiting this community of traders, industrialist, and agricultural industrial producers.

Here are some of Chicago's nightlife best foot foward:

For America's only free outdoor classical music festival goto Millennium Park’s and housed at the magnificent Jay Pritzker Pavilion for the world acclaimed Grant Park Music Festival - performances.

Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC: Then after the hard labors of the day, and with a single will to assist in the feeding of several nations, there is a need for fun. It is during the night when most have the time to enjoy their lives after a hard day at work. Thus play of all sorts come to view, as well as things which relaxes and creates enjoyment at the sametime.

Chicago ( a real Night Life City ) is how both the Mid-West and North East become an intersect transportation center of the United States. Thus this city is the hub of all National air traffic, and largely due to it's location to the farm belts, the trading center of American agriculture. This also applies to the farming districts of Canada to the immediate north of this city of culture and industry.Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is part of an Inter - City Cultural Communications initiative of Mr. Roger M. Christian, Tri Falcon and Dove Productions, between the cities of Ithaca, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami and Miami Beach, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington DC. The object of which is that in the increase of Socio-Cultural traffic, as result of this program, these communities will benefit socio-economically. Especially Mr. Christian's community of Ithaca, New York. Have items you wish to contribute or web links to offer then email ( please have photos email attachments only ). Join the MSN Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Group here.

New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
An Inter - City Cultural Communications website program between the New York City and Ithaca, New York.

Evening Hot Spots: Image: Jan Lievens: A Dutch Master Rediscovered Image: 2bcc-cafe-de-flore.jpg
New York City Cabarets[ ] Outside of both Berlin, Germany and Paris, France New York City has remarkable colleaction of Cabarets. The New Inter - City Dance Culture[ ] Impressive array of dance and social dancing, along with full staged dance productons in every genre possible. The International Center of Theatre ' fait acompli '[ ] New York City thatres and Hot Spots - There is no other city which can match the greater array of performances - though Beijing is looking on to become New York City's only future entertainment freindly competitor.

The city of Paris, France New York City Art Galleries and Museums
An City of Empires with celebrated garlands lovely grace of the arts and an impressive collection of diversities of its culture.

New York City Night Life, ( NightLife ), RMC ( Mr. Roger Meredith Christian ) depicts the action and luster of the night life in New York City. This is just a taste of what really goes on. Moreover, this is the city that nevers sleeps, and thus everything which is possible for a city to do is done here 24 hours a day. What this also entails is the fact that New York City is world's cultural center fait accompli - though not fully recognized by the proud French concerning their Paris, or the Saudis/Arabs about their Medina.

New York City is actually the real city of nightlife, where knights and ladies of artistic venues proclaim their bulls of favor and courtesies to those who wish to enter their various worlds of the arts. And since everything is included in this mass of cultural varities, or vanities even if you like to hopsotch - hop, skip, and jump, there is someone with a side walk just for you to play, along with the included colored jazzy chalks to outline the fancy squares on the concrete sidewalk surface.

Opera, Music, Dance, Theatres, Movies, Multi Media Shows, and possibly the best food on Earth, even if you want it koshered too, is all here too. So here is just taste, view, and gentle reflection of this great city.

Co - Sample sites has been developed to give you a hint of what are some of the leading events here in America's Gotham city: [ ] New York City Concerts [ ] New York City Concerts and Entertainment [ ] New York City Entertainment [ ]

Image: 94-03-03-euro-quest-night-life-rmcLos Angeles Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
Copenhagen: Peaceful, yet stronger for its commitment to free expressions.

Los Angeles nightlife isn’t just about one big party, alternative styles, clubbing and even bar-hopping. The city holds itself as the host entertainment center of the United States - though an unofficial title, which includes events at art galleries, coffee houses, on the various college and university, a dash of an opera or two, richly performance of symphonies - including fond rememberance oringinal orchestrations / performances of movie themes, IE Korngold's musical backdrop score of the Warner Brothers " Captain Blood " staring Error Flynn, theatres and some of the most wierdest avtivity venues to make your after-dark hours exciting.

Not interested in night club in West Hollywood? Not in the mood to party? Got a gaggle of kids in tow? No problem. There are plenty of places to have late-night fun that don’t involve knockin’ ‘em back at the bar, shakin’ your groove thang on the dance floor or rockin’ out at a local live music venue.

Artsy Darksy - or - Artsy Fancy here in LA " Gee the talky is real itsy. "

a full map of enriched entertainment of the Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles: Arts and Entertainment. A real quick reference.

LA hosts a self-guided Downtown Art Walk every second Thursday of the month, while San Pedro’s version is aptly named First Thursday gallery walks. In Chinatown, you can tour the eclectic galleries on Chun King Road and then pick up some antiques or souvenirs at nearby shops.

Hiking and Stargazing

Looking for a more fitness-oriented way to celebrate the dark? Drive up to Griffith Park for a night hike (the park is open until 10 p.m.). Follow the hike with stargazing at the Griffith Observatory.

The Beach After Dark

The beach also welcomes nighttime visitors, especially in places like Malibu and Dockweiler Beach. Bring something to grill at one of the public barbecue pits. If your visit happens to fall during a full moon, stick around for a while and wait for the tide to recede. You’ll often find silver dollars revealed in the sand by the moon’s luminescence.

Making Late-Night Waves

If standing on the shore has you yearning for the open sea, a dinner cruise is the perfect activity after dark. With spectacular vistas of the city lights and an uncluttered view of the horizon a dinner cruise is one of LA’s most romantic evening excursions. Just make a reservation with either Hornblower Cruises & Events in Marina del Rey or Spirit Cruises & Yacht Parties in San Pedro.

Nightlife with Kids

If you’re traveling with hard-to-impress teenagers and looking for a safe yet exciting place, you can’t beat Santa Monica Pier. With its sprawling arcade, old-school amusement park and cluster of restaurants that stay open late to host live bands, this is one of LA’s most popular attractions after dark.

PM Coffee Break

Need a jolt of caffeine to make it past midnight? A local coffee house is often the perfect place to relax in a low-key environment with a few friends. Many in the Westside present live entertainment until sixty strokes after midnight. Blues and folk bands, open mics and poetry readings are plentiful


Finish It Off Sweet

From an Italian piazza serving gourmet gelato to a yogurt shop with a cult following, new flavors are spicing up life in the San Fernando Valley. A little bit of Italy has come to Tujunga Village in Studio City, and locals are cheering. The Gelato Bar pairs billowing clouds of colored gelato, with a European-style coffee bar. To experience the yogurt that has Leonardo di Caprio, Kate Hudson and Lindsay Lohan lining up for more, visit Pinkberry. The tangy, stiff, fat-free South Korean-style dessert is wowing palates citywide, but its Valley location provides all the perks without the pangs of a 20-minute wait and a $65 parking ticket.

Syracuse Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Image: Syracuse, New York Disco Beat

Rome Night Life / NightLife as depicted in the romantic movie classic " Three Coins in a Fountain " centers on fact of Rome. The central character of Italian obseesion with romance with a typical Itlian saucy trait.

Well why not?

This is most fascinating when you consider the historic epic which is the city itself and its very ancient history, or to those who are better educated, " histroies". Not to mention, at the sametime, this city is also the seat of power of the Vatican, which is the Catholic Church; which is itself aciently connected to the city as well.

Here traditions run overboard, yet they a simple as the people themselves attempt to live out to its fullest.

The City of Miami Night Life( NightLife ), RMC

Miami night life / nightlife beats with distinct Latin and Yiddish beats heard in the background, along with some of the most sohphisticated global rythms imported into this tourist mecca of the Carribean basin. The romantic setting is further enhanced by an alluring escape in its nightlife culture and its inviting warm breezes combine with its urban zeal for excitment are a delightful introduction by several Latina Cultura fleeing the greater scheme of Latin American diversities. Tanned healthy bodies lustered under the sun's rays. Then all of suddended the clap of an unexpected yet very short lived thunderstorms - which are frequent - breaks the suns hold on this city. The open doored churches and synagogues are awsome architectual international symbols their white titled roofs reflecting back the su's gift of appealing warmth. None the less the sun does sets and what you seen before, or heard in the streets everthing which is Miami's nightlife is about to erupt in several wild releases - each with a purpose.

That purpose...

However, you will have to wait more than normal to about 11 PM, as diners ares served around 8 to 9 PM.

Send in your suggestions and comment

The United States Latin - Salsa Dance CapitolMiami Beach Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC and Hot Bed of Latin - Salsa Social Dance

From the core of Art Deco Hotels of the Past, the main tourist era of the the 60s and 70s which saw massive construction projects and recent hotel construction with extended warm summers - falls hours dancing reflects the real cultural connection to the Carribean basin to the south

The Cultural Magnet Destination City: Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

The Cultural Magnet Destination City

The City of Ithaca, New York has quite more than its share of theater, dance and musical programs, especially in summer. The State Theater, 111 W. State St. (tel. 607/277-6633), located in one of the last remaining National Historical Theatres-which is representational " Golden Era " architecture built during Hollywood's Great Era of the Entertaining Musicals - is the city's theatrical center. In a pleasant addition, the Kitchen Theater - with that extra personal physical closeness with Ithaca's avant garde audience - is at 116 N. Cayuga St. (tel. 607/273-4497), in the historic Greek Revival Clinton House. Both have top year-round classic and contemporary theater, ballet and concerts. Recent attraction to " The State " was Whoopie Goldberg during the month of February. Additional " Internationally known Top Liners " are now, also, being booked.

In the beautiful Ithacan lay-back Summers The Hangar Theatre starts its season and is located in beautiful Cass Park, off Route 89 in Ithaca, NY Taughannock Boulevard/Route 89 (tel. 607/273-8588 fax;607/273-45160), offers professional, children's, and experimental theater.

See Ithaca Theater / Theatre / Concerts / Ensembles: for performance schedules and press releases.

Summer outdoor concerts by the Ithaca Downtown Business Partnership, and Dancing in the Streets, by Tri Falcon and Dove Productions series are held at The Ithaca Commons. Additional events are likewise presented at The Taughannock Falls State Park, and the Cornell University quad. For additional events on music and performing arts, see

New this year is the Proud to Serve 4th of July Celebration The annual 4-day Ithaca Festival, Ithaca's and Tompkin's county leading event, held the first weekend after Memorial Day, features several stages and performances by musicians, painters, dance groups, and more. Visit for more information or call tel. 607/273-4646.

Excellent array of restaurants and drinking lounges and establishments. Most of them new!. See Ithaca Night Life ( NIghtLife ), NY's Restaurant Guide and Hot Spots.

Ithaca Downtown Partnership (tel.607/277-8679 ) sponsored event; February is Chili Cook-Off month in which the local restaurants, and private citizens alike try to out cook America's central cultural dish, Chili.

There is also a downtown boom going on. Based upon the best nightlife traditions established by: Chanticleer, 101 W. State St. (tel. 607/272-9678) -- famous for its neon rooster sign on the corner -- is a low-key watering hole with a bit of a gritty feel to go with its pool tables and jukebox. Micawber's Tavern, 118 N. Aurora (tel. 607/273-9243), a lively bar with live pop and rock music every Friday.

In Collegetown up on the hill in Collegetown near Cornell, Stella's Martini Bar, 403 College Ave. (tel. 607/277-1490), is one of the coolest spots, with live music on weekends. The other is Rulloff's with its calendar of weekly events, and excellent menue (tel. 607/272-6067).

Ten miles north (on Rte. 96) of Ithaca, in Trumansburg ("T-Burg"), is a handful of bars, including the curiously named live-music pub Rongovian Embassy to the U.S. (known to local barflies as the Rongo). Find its stage featuring local rock bands and a good selection of beers at 1 Main St. (tel. 607/387-3334). It's open until 1am Tuesday to Sunday. More importantly, the community shines around the Christmas and Chanukah season with the Winter Festival ( ). Even more important, The Grass Roots Festival of Music and Dance (tel.607/387-5098) (fax.607/387-5630 ) during the Summer season which has entertainment within a natural outdoorish Woodstock ( which it was a spin - off from ) atmosphere of youth and wisdom of the ages integrated with seasoned rocks musics entertainment, and country dancing.

An impressive array of activities which draws attention world - wide. RMC P.S. I making this so too - just browse the web these days and you see Ithaca poping all over the world now! RMC / 607 - 451 - 8663 .

The Eastern Eruopean Be-Jeweled City: Toronto Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Empire of the Eye: Magic of Illusion

Toronto Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is an Inter - City Cultural Communication website program between the cities of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Ithaca, New York, USA. Here are some of the pointers that Toronto has to offer below.

Toronto has an International and highly diverse nightlife scene. Great shows before they hit Broadway, The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and Toronto's comedy clubs make this a must stop and visit destimation city Thus with several venues for dance andf musical performances with top world wide names performing the nightlife nightclub scene is at an all time high.

The city website [] []

Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Commercial Site: | The City of Ithaca, New York: The Cultural Magnet Destination City.Where it all began, and where it had also re-begun in both Academia Democracy and Life. | Atlanta Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsThe great seat of and cultural capital of Africa Americana and the revitalization of the Ole South as an economic and business leader.
Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsThe heart of Jazz itself, as well as the central community distributor of the American bread basket and national nutrition. | Dallas Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars International InterCultural Communications The Grass Roots Western Music Texan Community.
Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC |Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsThe Cultural Magnet Destination City.| Los Angeles Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsThe seat of the Movie - Hollywood Empire and Vision - Where the fashions and creativity rules by the love of art and culture, and protector of the Bizzar.
Miami Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsHot and ever steaming in romance co - sister of Latin - Salsa Hot Miami Beach. | Miami Beach Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications The Winter Palace of Americana Upper Middle Class and the the seat of Youth Latin - Salsa Social Dancing.
New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications | RSS Where style, the arts, finance, diplomacy and beauty abounds.
Syracuse Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications | RSS Some say, " Where the Orange at SU rules.
Toronto Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications The Be - Jeweled City of the British Commonwealth of all Canada - often competiting with the French cultural centrality of Montreal.
Washington DC Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications The Capital City of the first impression for all of Americana in the arts, restaurants, and entertainment.

New InterCultural Communications Options Available!

Image: gdansk_night_life_rmc Washington DC Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC: Roof

Washington, DC nightlife is one of the most unique in the world. Washington, DC is the seat of " The " World Power, and the nightlife event planners at various entertainment venues, whether they be a bar, night club, art gallery or theatre are consciously aware of this and the central importance of first impression they must make to become successful. One of the immediate results comes form the greater efforts in how preparations are made in each event - as at any time a world leader could be showing up.. Foggy Bottoms, Connecticut Avenue near Massachusetts and Georgetown ( where the Students / Scholars hang-out ) districts are world famous.

The nightlife consumers are a combination of congressional legislators, government and military staff workers in whose hands the affairs of a world power are handled, as well as an increasing core of diplomatic workers and representitives. They, we, are very demanding, and that demand has created both a very diverse of entertainment and nightlife city wide, or beltway schedule of events to emerge while at the sametime representing the best of American culture and world International entertainment expectation. Thus , for example, you will find a night club with an Egyptian cultural motif, an African theatrical performance, upbeat cabaret acts, the finest in Le' Ballet, not to mention some very hot Latin / Salsa dance scenes, and the most excellent of International restaurants all competiting for this core of nightlife entertainment consumers.

This has given Washington DC nightlife a true International twist, and with the increase of globalization the upward spiral and diversities in the future events are assured. Thus securing an additional element in the United States world leadership roles in both cultural and entertainment.

Image: Support the GalleryWashington DC Tours / Washington Dc Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

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The Corcoran Gallery of Art

17th Street and New York Avenue, NW - one block west and south of the White House. The main entrance is on 17th Street. Special needs access is at 1701 E Street, around the corner from the 17th Street entrance. Phone: (202) 639-1700 Metro Stop: Four blocks from the Farragut West station or Farragut North station.

Interior Museum Program Homepage

Located on the first floor of the Main Interior Building at 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC. The Museum is accessible from both the C Street and E Street entrances; the E Street entrance is wheelchair accessible. The Museum is free of charge. Adults must show a photo ID when entering the Interior building to gain admittance to the Museum. Reservations (two weeks in advance) are required only for guided tours or appointments to view the building's New Deal murals located in restricted-access areas. For further information, please call the Museum at (202) 208-4743.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm, except for Federal holidays. Also open on the third Saturday of the month. Please call ahead, (202) 208-4743, to confirm times. Metro Stop: Farragut West station. Exit at 18th Street and walk five (5) blocks south to the Main Interior Building on E Street.

Overall Mission Conclusion

The inlcosed websites, groups, and forums reflects the additional component of Cultural Democracy as an additional backdrop of critical knowledege. ideas and furturistic percpetions which promotes the real value of International InterCultural Communicatiuons. This is based upon on how the National Cultural Fiesta [ as of Intternational and National Cultural Fiesta ]is promoted within nation - to give clearity to ones own self-dependent culture and the society which houses its events and various practice. This is to assure the ability of ones own society can substain itself which being engage in the global aspect in International Globlization - which is within itself is primarily promoted within the growing powere of the Internet.

Once this is likewise assemilated within the public and private sector, then, the abilty of both the customer and community citizens can fully facilitate more independent action to produce events, pproducts and services while being fully aware that in such actions their own nation and culture is futher developing a more stable stance of being self- dependent.

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The Cultural Democracy Network
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Dance 4 America Publications. D.B.A., Ithaca New York
(The National Dance E - Zine Producaaaed in Ithaca. New York ) Dance Ithaca E - Magazine

de la Review
(PDF 270k) Make suggestion or contribute your ideas on the scope of InterCultural Communications by joining: Scholars 2000 Forum

Roger's Fashions and Trendsetters News
Central New Yorks popular online fashions online news E - Zine.Fashions and Trendsetters WebSite

Press Releases are Wanted ! Contribute your ideas and likewise reflect upon your own social and cultural expectations and aspirations and join this effort. " Every voice is important but more importantly, having a University or College degree is not necessary, though helpful.

Night Entertainment Cabarets

Further avenues on the Internet for you discover.National and International Night Clubs, Nightlife, Sports Bars, and Nite Spots Guide.

First research all local ongoing weekly public social or cultural activities within your community ( Those which are on this European lists. ), call (607) 279 - 9945, or contact us by e-mail at euro-quest@lycos.comThe current bimonthly Calendar of Events is available in PDF format. (Download Acrobat Reader)

The City of Ithaca, New York, 14850; The Cultural Magnet Destination City.

To add you comments, or suggest additional information that you have and wish to share then please email to at film - Want to join or move to Ithaca, New YorkWebSiteOr do you wish to add your advise, commnets, or suggestion in a blog form.The Ithaca NightLife Blog:

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