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The Ithaca Advocate operates fully under the protection of all CopyRight laws, the protective powers of the Freedom of the Press statues of both The Constitution of the United States, and the New York State Law; and all the subsequent legal court decisions since their historic enactment. This is brought to full focus through the affirmation of the Singularity of The Human Rights to Full Discovery. It is therefore affirmed that this online publication is to report, investiagate, interview, research and examine closely every resource available to both its publisher, Mr. Roger Meredith Christian, his agents, and reporters. This is to further affirms to the readership - OnLine users of the Internet Circulation that this publication is an active advocate of the citizens or guest of Ithaca - Tompkins county their rights to know and likewise given the opportunity and access to their Human Rights to Full Discovery.

The Discovery Log of Ithaca - Tompkins County, New York.
Editorial by Publisher Mr. Roger Meredith Christian.

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