Gain Popularity in your area. Join the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Host / Hostess Programs
Gain Popularity in your area. Join the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Host / Hostess Programs [ Host / Hostess; then Reporting and Sales Jobs]. You must be 18 YO plus.
Roger Meredith Christian's Night Life ( NightLife), RMC    Network.
How to enhance ones popularity.

When I developed Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY websites and blogs for the Ithaca, New York region I suddenly discovered I obtained greater popular notice than being a local dancemaster. Then as I developed other nightlifes which then became a full Local, National, and International Network, I started to recieve press releases and other positive attentions through-out the International nightlife scene. I have a bigger popular reputation outside of Ithaca area as a result with combined hits of over a million per month.


Thus I am now taking the additional steps in developing a grass - roots social coalitions in those areas and cities in which my present system covers. The reason why you have been contacted is solely based upon your previous interest in being a member in one of several social networks - which is the only qualification I want.

What an Offical Host [ male ], and Hostess [ female ] entails are in the following.

One: To inform the nightlife venues in which you deem to be popular in which you have had positive experiences that you are writting about them and sending them to be published in the city which is covered in the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network. This will gain attention of your city in who you are promoting about your civic and cultural pride.


Two: Both you Picture and all additional web resources will be likewise linked [ with link exchanges ],and published on the main website which represents the city in which you are covering.


If there are advertising opportunities available with the nightlife venues you have given reviews and only after three positive reports which are likewise acknowledged by each venue and this created an advertising sale you then get 30% sales commission.


Three: Once a revune stream comes in the area you are covering, then you will decide to either become a paid reporter - photographer, an advertising agent, or remain an unpaid Host or Hostess.

Four: All the items above are flexable depending upon your interests and reports you have thus sent.


In the meantime you can have you and your friends, and others who are popular within your nightlife scene to be both photographed and to report their - your interests and personal notes about your local nightlife experiences - what ever they be. They all will likewise be published.

All of which increases others more direct popular recognition " very high InterNet profile too" of you visually and who you are as you are published as well as your friends and those nightlife venues which you have given positive personal reviews.

To join send in your photograph, bio, web urls, and phone number to