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Fashions, Models, International Students / Scholars and International InterCultural Communications have several examples.

Example One: At several College and University campuses, several International Students / Scholars have banded themselves into recognized student groups.  First this was a means to keep in touch with ones home, as the human connection between fellow citizens help'ed in the sociocultural transition. Secondly several groups have evolve to co-educated their fellow Students / Scholars about their culture and folkways. It is there focus on their individualities in social customs and cultural uniquness in which the style of their own national and modern fashion becomes immediate resources in which to program events surrounding campus fashions shows.

Example Two: Thus the following can be used to further understand how this is done OnLine.

Exmple Three: The Following InterCultural Communications Essay ( which will be continually update ) treats the significance of Models as InterCultural Communications Represents as Ethnological Icons.

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None the less, how does fashions and models fit the picture. Should one approach this from an academic view point, or do it from a more soft sale position. Thus the following Example Two is now presented by this webpage.


The Photo is Caitlin Melanie who is now moving to the Ithaca - Central New York Region.

The critical objective focus areas which models acts as cultural icons which assists the purchaser to but a centain item of clothing to resolve are as follows:
  1. Develop a working understanding of the notions of personal identity and personal style expectations of how one's appearances reflects social status identity .
  2. Compare the stages of personal connections to contemporary style to personal gender identity development for social cooperative community, and fostering those helpful human strings of either local or naional cultural relationships which creates feelings of personal and / or cultural pride.
  3. Examine the style options to construct an appearance which completes the personal expectations of personage imagry and how one is likewise assured and reward by the sought for social standings of acceptance and how this create a footing within ones own human resume building.
  4. Recognize how social standings affect success experiences and how they can influence interpersonal relations, and economic rewards in corporate and sociocultural settings.
  5. Assess learner social consciousness and develop appropriate responses to what one is wearing to either rewards or problematic behaviors within the development of personal relationships, sexual relationships, and economic status personfield by the styles being worn.
  6. Design cultural-awareness conscious developmental awareness, age related stage development of the organization of ones personality, and increased expectations are judgemental attributes in the selection of a mode of what wants to wear to what is conscously precieve what is socially acceptable in the purchase of clothing.

For those Internationals who are interested in testing their luck in the modeling trade please register at the Modeling Registry TODAY!. For students of models and the fashions industry your are invited to join the modeling google group - below.
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This is the creative association column in which there are links to resource WebSites from which you can use your own judgements according to your interests. Thus the effort of coming to a conclusion is then relevant in how your own cultural values are then applied.
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