Green Cafe Open's in CollegeTown.

March 23 Interview: " Green Cafe is to provide a more sophisticated urban setting in which to service the Cornell wide community," Catering and Events Manager Holly Kintz. Service indeed as one looks over the estimated $ 750,000.00 to a million dollars investment in renovations of this once old bank eye sore stuck in the middle of Collegetown making this as ' the ' prime beautiful location which must be seen. All over one sees the intent of Green Cafe's ownership to top quality planning and services [ note the plural ] vision.

From their press release:

The Green Cafe of Collegetown, Ithaca, New York announces its opening on March 26, 2009.

A new 24 hour cafe market opens its doors to the public offering a wide array of American, Italian & Asian dishes, the Green Cafe features healthy cuisine options as well as a fresh juice & smoothie bar alongside premium fresh brewed coffee and espresso service. Grand Openning is between 4 to 7 PM.

Conceived by Charles Park and modeled after his flagship cafe on 213 Park Avenue, New York City, the Green Cafe merges the concept of grab-n-go convinience with high-qulaity and healthy cusine.

From a review of his New York City Green Cafe location.

Posted: 5/15/2008

I love this place. The employees are warm and gregarious, the selection (sandwiches, pastries, snacks) broad and fresh.

For $3.25 they made a warm, crispy sandwich for me that wasn't even on the menu. What's more, they remember you when you return and make the effort to cheer you up while you wait in line to make payment.

Worth the visit -- especially if you're staying next door at the Helmsley, whose food is overpriced and far less satisfying.

In addition [ as per their press release = PR ]:

The item above "For $3.25" speaks directly of its cost relevance to the academic community's increasing limited incomes in which having Green Cafe located in Collegetown is likewise economically beneficial. [ PR ] Thus located in the heart of Collegetown, the Green Cafe offers a welcome facelift to the area with state-of-the-art interior and exterior design in which classic bistro elegance and modern market aesthetics combined to creat a unique atmosphere that is both vibrant and comfortable. With 14 flat screem TV's throughout the cafe ( note to mention one in each restroom ), a hard wood juice bar lined with lights and title work reminiscent of a Parisian plaza, the Green Cafe gives a new definition to Collegetown chic.