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The Future Map of Human Consciousness



The Heroic Generation.
At the cutting edge of Du Avant Garde, is that a civilization's development rest solely on the socio - cultural processes of how it nurtures it's youth.   Thus is should be to everyone surprise that something happened previous to the year of 2000.  What has happen, is the development of The Heroic Generation of American youth who are now entering the 16 to 18 years of age, as of June, 2006.

The Critical aspect of this is based on the clear observation that as the American civilization has became more complex, there has been increasing equal complex burdens of sociocultrual and sociopolitical adaptions being made in childrearing techniques by both the parents and children of each family since about 1982 till the present.  The forms of these adaptations have magnified the self - perceptions of diversity of the emerging core of youth even more, than their parents own development in their own childhoods'; the present impetus of greater self - discoveries as a result.  
The newer aspect....

Then the physical impact of hours and hours being spent at home computers and access to the Internet by children as early as 2 1/2 has likewise created further expansion of the depth of the child's development of their audio and visual perceptions, increasing their range of needed additional information, and emotional needs during all the years afterwards; their growing dependencies upon the Internet. 
As of now:

Their resulting increased visual and intellect range [ what is still not yet been measure by present early childhood reseachers - conclusively, and maybe by their present skill research skills unmeasureable ] is far different than their parents.  This component has likewise appeared in experiences of increasing fustrations in their dealings and learning with their primary and secondary school teachers - who in most instances are unaware of their emerging student traits.  This is the additional impact of computer usage and its ability to influence their own innate drives -  while most of their parents being totally unaware.  Furthermore, those who families have home acccess to the Internet have triggered a unique struggle for this generation of Internet users to find common idenity; this has created the basis for a different more complex cultural society to emerge within America's mulit - cultural mosaic. 
Most amazing is the increasing and voluntary, they are not being forced to commit in using the Internet by their parents,  interdiction of the internet experiences into radicalizing their abstractual intellegence, and near fantasy visual ranges in conjunction with the mental impacted sociocultural sphere of influences of present early childhood ( per - 12s ) sensory developments by their parent's sociocultural, socioeconomic, and  sociospiritual childrearing efforts [ What the parents are passing on and the advance technique they likewise have used from the radical 1970's. ]. Moreover, their developmental causal extrapolations of rapid access and installation of competant and more highly advanced usage of computer soft wear technologies, and internet prowless has impacted new adaptations after 12 YO ( and at a critical developmental stage Piget/Erickson); thereby creating new unkown emotional structures which has their further generated biological resultant imprints on this population's innate drives.  There is no research known within this area either.
Part conclusion...
" Similar to design technology functions invested in computer advance technologies and rapid streaming of mass information within the growing massive information insourcing spiders of the Internet ( here before never used by previous generations ) have had a radical impact which are largely the additional unknowns confronted by todays parents and unfortunately and similarly by present University educators as well.  They, " you " [ if " you " fall into this generation ] are now the outsourcing resultants"

Now, historically, now, this process has created new emotional and intellectual structures and have been observed to be firmly inserted into this generations' overall personality traits which is generated by every single successful experience during time durations [ after an unknown quanity of time expended ] related computer access obtained by the child user.  In dealing with present forms of how children are integrated into society this has created a separate intellect, nonetheless, and thus forming new resultant and yet unkown " impacted innate intellectual drives which are increasingly creating emotional technocentered more adpated " new corridors."
Presently this has been recently touched on, largely in their emerging emotional fields, by Presidential Canidate Barack Obama.  His campaign use of the Internet and who, the users, he has been getting his political message to, and likewise his contributions from. 
Part conclusion ....

Simply the causal resultant of increased usage and depth of range of their nervous systems has result in a different intellectual population.
It is what is contained within in this new corridor is their main future focus of unity.  How internet experiences have impacted their own personal, and individual bio - spheres, and the resultant increased locations and more diverse usage of their brain stimulus is still even the greater unknown - even to themselves.
Thus and unlike Gertude Stein quote about the " Lost Generation "  We now have the " Heroic Generation. "  In a historic review we have had Heroic Generations born in 1745, 1832, 1876, 1919, 1946, and then 1982.
What is even more surprising is that they have caught upon certain indenity ethos which is in its initial stages of social and cultural evolution - development; and are just now being defined by themselves, while others outsiders are in the dark. Moreover, the socio-spirituality of this genertion is their  special gifts.
The result in art, music, and others is just now appearing at their other edges....
This is leading us to the....
The impact of which will be felt culturally around the year 2016.  Politically is the greater unknown, can Barack Obama tap into it? No one knows...
Pax Fidelis!

Join the Salsa Wild Dance Troupe.


Modeling Registry of Ithaca . Central New York, 14850.


Jobs Board, Ithaca - Central New York, 14850.


Apartments - Studios for rent Ithaca - Central New York, 14850.

That Burrito Place

That Burrito Place will celebrate their second location in Ithaca with a special ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, February 20th at 12:00 noon. As part of the festivities, all food at That Burrito Place will be half-price from noon to 2:00 PM. The celebration will continue throughout the “Downtown Chili cook-off” with That Burrito Place offering fresh cups of hot chocolate for just 50 cents all weekend long.

Located in the former Juna's Cafe space at 146 E. State Street, "TBP," as regulars call it, is a welcome addition to the bustling Commons area. Entrepreneur and Cornell Hotel School graduate Jeff Mayer opened the first TBP in January 2007, offering fresh, Cali-Mexican food on-the-go. The new location provides plenty of seating for customers to enjoy their food in a fun, upbeat atmosphere.

At TBP, customers can build their own huge burrito to their liking and watch it assembled right in front of them. The options are endless - choose from fresh ingredients like salsas made from scratch or the legendary guacamole. In addition to custom burritos, customers can also build their own bowl (a "tortilla-less burrito"), salad or nachos. The numerous combinations, as well as several options for vegetarians (including a daily vegetarian special), and a kid's menu, has made TBP a popular destination for a quick, healthy lunch, dinner or snack. In addition to in-store dining, TBP also provides easy take-out, delivery and catering options. The "lunch box combo" includes a custom burrito, chips and salsa, a drink and dessert.

That Burrito Place is open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Their full menu can be viewed at

Finger Lakes ReUse center is now open and accepting donations. The Green Revolution is growing in Ithaca, New York


Public Service Announcement


Picture above depicting a house being broken down for its useful resources.

ReUse Center - Open House!You are invited to our new ReUse Center Open House & Ribbon Cutting, Wednesday, November 12, 2008 from 12 noon to 6 pm. The Ribbon Cutting will be at 12 noon, and there will be cookies from our neighbors at Hope's Way & Ithaca Bakery, and coffee from Ithaca Coffee Company. Come celebrate with us, and shop while you're here! We are in the Triphammer Mall, 2255 N. Triphammer Road, Ithaca, NY 14850, (inside next to Joann Fabrics).

Store Hours will be Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm, and Noon to 5pm on Sunday, beginning the following day (Thursday).

Now Accepting Donations! The ReUse Center is now accepting clean, quality used and surplus building materials, furniture, housewares, electronics, art and school supplies, and much more. Materials must be clean, complete, and in good working condition. All donations are tax deductible. Please see our Donation Acceptance Guidelines and call (607) 257-9699 if you have something you'd like to donate.

Get the eNews! Subscribe to our email list to receive our monthly newsletter, and the opportunity to be the first to hear about new and interesting items on our Contact Us page.

What's New in ReUse?A sampling of items currently at the ReUse Center includes dining sets, chairs, bookshelves, French doors, cast iron brackets, ornate radiators, lighting, dimensional lumber, and more. The ReUse Center not only offers a convenient retail outlet, but also will serve as a community-gathering place and education center where people can exchange ideas and learn skills in transforming materials for new uses.Our MissionTo enhance community, economy, and environment through reuse.VisionToday, many tons of construction and building materials, computers, electronics, household goods, textiles, furniture, and other materials unnecessarily enter landfills. Imagine instead a place where consumers find salvaged goods ready for use, where artists infuse used objects with creative new life, where youth learn to refurbish computers, where a builder finds the perfect door, where low-income residents develop workforce skills, and where all members of the community benefit from the low-cost availability of quality goods. Used materials - too often wasted - are assets with overlooked value. Finger Lakes ReUse will tap this value to benefit the community and environment by re-directing materials from the waste stream into productive new uses.

Finger Lakes ReUse will partner with existing local reuse programs to expand their capacity by providing a centrally located retail outlet with extended hours, warehouse space, and streamlined administrative support. Finger Lakes ReUse will collaborate with existing reuse programs, human service providers, trade organizations, and others to provide complementary, expanded services and consciously avoid programmatic duplication in support of our mission.

We will operate a community-oriented warehouse, shopping, and educational experience where maximum reuse of materials is a priority; where safety, cleanliness, customer service, good business, education and creativity are stressed; where living wage jobs are created and supported; where mentoring opportunities are available; and where education in the skills of reuse is offered. Everyone in the community will be able to enjoy and partake in the services offered by Finger Lakes ReUse.

Ithaca Beer Co. Turns Ten!

December 4, 2008, Ithaca Beer (IBC) celebrated its 10th Anniversary around town at the Chapter House, Ithaca Ale House, Kilpatrick’s, Korova, and Pixel Lounge. “We’ve been open 10 years, and we’re going to celebrate,” says owner, Dan Mitchell.

IBC gave out limited edition, 10th Anniversary pint glasses to the first 100 people at each bar who purchase Ithaca Beer, and every time someone buys an Ithaca Beer at one of the five locations and on Thursday night several people entered in IBC’s10th Anniversary raffle. The drawing was for one grand prize, 10 cases of beer a year for 10 years. Festivities commenced after 6:00 PM to real live celebrations with safety being likewise promoted.

All five locations will have three or four different Ithaca Beers on draft and a cask-conditioned ale prepared by the brewers, for the 10th Anniversary.

IBC will also had special sales going on at the brewery throughout the anniversary week (Dec.1st-7th). Stop in to see a historical collection of photos, packaging, and posters too.


Community activism can start in several ways. The approach which is now being employed is the use of the InterNet to facilitate attention getting to efforts being promoted, and various paths to take after, you, the online user wants to take.

Here are a few means in which to facilitate both interests and Internet community development.

Schools 2000 Proboards Forum

At several College and University campuses, several International Students / Scholars have banded themselves into recognized student groups. First this was a means to keep in touch with ones home, as the human connection between fellow citizens help'ed in the sociocultural transition. None the less, and more importantly, these groups started to initiate their own social and cultural programs. The ripple affect within the sociocultural academic ethos was awesome as it created a high character representation of their homeland and peoples and resulted in long term relationships after graduation with Americans. Americans who got an up-front cultural education as a direct emotional consequence of freindships they and the International Students / Scholars formed together. In several instances, both in the private, as well as in the political sector these freindships had even a more profound impact on the American national consciousness in its foreign relations


A Cultural Democracy Forum. When you click on browse through all the links then you can to understand the scope of what is entailed. There are following steps accordingly to your own interests. It should also be pointed out that your efforts now to help and improve the social and cultural transmissions via the Internet will have postive affects much later on. If this is as far as you wish to go, then join this forum now.


Welcome to Du Avant Garde 2000.

Please advise what you know about the movements which existed before in areas like Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, New York City, or Boston. Also indicate what you may know about those who are members in this generation of youth who are sixteen years old and younger ( for a bench mark age ) who are exhibiting traits of being the " Heroic Generation."

Always keep everhting thing ' Family Friendly ', and realize though we challenge standards we do so with a clean consciousness, and there by, just as much as Andy Warhol, also detests dirt. Keep it clean always...

None - the - less, the Heroic Generation has one thing. To have reached a point in their own consciousness as being significant enough as to be interested in other cultures and peoples-with the attitude of appreciation of the values systems which support diffrences between cultures. What this may also indicate, in the real realm of idealism, that once their own lives becomes to any certain degree significant. their willingness to invest their own lives in others will be something to behold.

du' avant garde science forums

Mission: Fundemental Human Rights to Full Discovery and Inqury.

Science, Technologies, Public Policy and Ethics:


Ithaca, New York: After several seminars at the University of Buffalo a critical central issue public access to public policy considerations caused by advance sceince and their advancing technologies surfaced in which several similar issues gave clear indication for immediate communication, education, and ethical review. As a result of these discussions the following... Most important, from Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Internet Network Editor, Mr. Roger M. Christian strictly reports both each central issue and its various segments which all have been cleaned of political rethoric and spin. There are several state and national legislative bills which are being considered in various committees nation wide, and thus the imperative and important emphasis on just providing the facts assume their priorities in the publication of this site.

Nuclear proliferation, the problematic security twists involved from the emering nanotechnologies, why we are getting warmer, stem cell research, and the expansion of the internet posses several new challenges to both stable and emerging democracies. Thus in Scince, Technologies, Public Policy and Ethics [ ]an attempt is being made to show how each of these components interrelate; and where from new ethical consciuousnes is likewise needed-the new emrging avant garde of science.

What is also clear, is that in the development of advance science, and the necessity to develop internal education systems of academia's newer challenges and academic programs to its pedagogy. Thus in this one example: The know how of how to develop a nuclear weapon is only a mild stepping stone to fully reviewing, knowing, and teaching quantum physics, as well as developing national clean nuclear energy systems. Thus in the example of Iran, there is great anxieties, as they know result of developing nuclear weapons will bring them a step closer to being technologically self-dependent, as this know how is a crucial steps in developing realiable nuclear energy systems, and at low costs too! There are similar twist and technolgocial turns with repects to nanotechnologies, as well as advancing industrial development while not disturbing environmental balance world wide.

These bring to fore the responses various leagislator within the US, both state and national, about control, the threat of terrorist exploitation of new technological advances, and the often confusing political power posturing state / national sociocultural ethos-which at times avoids the necessary science and comprehension of the technologies involve by the legislator themselves.

Thus the facts involve must be made clear, and this likewise means the removal of any political lense which may defuse the importance of essentail details in each technology under public policy review; this the cornerstone of responsiable editorial'ship.

Mr. Roger M. Christian

The Ithaca NightLife Blog

From Cornell University: Press Releases

MiCraw Tower

From Ithaca / Tompkins County biggest Employer.

Cornell Press Releases 2009.


ll University: Economic Stable Force

Cornell University is a 'stable generator of economic activity' in a tough economy, report shows

ITHACA, N.Y. – The overall stability of Cornell University’s annual $3 billion in economic activity throughout New York state is highlighted in an economic impact report newly released by the university.

The report is an update of a previous economic impact study, released in early 2007, that showed in fiscal year 2005 Cornell generated $3.070 billion throughout the state, including $561 million in research spending at its Ithaca campus and Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.

In fiscal 2007, according to the current economic impact update, Cornell generated $3.317 billion statewide, an increase of 8 percent over two years. Cornell again led universities in the state in research expenditures, totaling $659 million.

While the updated report does not reflect the severe economic downturn that began in late 2008 or the actions the university has taken to reduce expenditures in the current fiscal year, Cornell's budget is highly diversified and the university projects it will sustain revenues at or near their historical levels for the foreseeable future.

"As one of the state's leading entrepreneurial universities with a $2.8 billion budget, Cornell is a critical resource in this period of economic upheaval to help the state to financial recovery," Cornell President David J. Skorton said. "Even while we're making fiscal adjustments to deal with the current economic situation, Cornell is the economic engine that supports our community as we continue to be a leading economic engine for the state. The actions we are taking now will sustain the university's financial strength over the long term."

Cornell has instituted hiring and construction pauses through June 2009 and is experiencing staff layoffs in some areas. Endowment spending will be reduced by 15 percent for the coming fiscal year. The university is cutting its base budget by $60 million for fiscal year 2010, with an additional $50 million budget correction planned for 2011.

At the same time, the upcoming Class of 2013 will have an additional 100 students and there will be increased charges for tuition, room and board. Trustees also allocated $35 million from the endowment for student financial aid.

“While we must take time to evaluate our current financial position, Cornell continues to operate as a community of more than 30,000 students, faculty and staff, undertaking cutting-edge research and providing vital services to the people of the state of New York. It is an outstanding area employer," said Stephen T. Golding, executive vice president for finance and administration. "While some of the multimillion-dollar construction projects that have generated intense economic activity on the Ithaca and New York City campuses have been put on hold, the need for them has not gone away and many of them will continue when financial conditions improve."

For the economic impact study, faculty and researchers in Cornell's Department of City and Regional Planning used a social accounting matrix and IMPLAN software to measure the multiplier effects of Cornell's direct and indirect spending.

Highlights from the March 2009 Cornell economic impact report are:

-- Of the $3.317 billion in economic activity Cornell generated throughout the state in fiscal 2007, $1.654 billion was in Central New York, $1.319 billion was in New York City and $344 million was in other areas of the state.

-- Cornell is the primary economic engine in its home, Tompkins County, adding more than 16,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in wages to the local economy through direct and indirect spending.

-- Cornell directly and indirectly generated $61.2 million in tax revenues for New York state and $32.2 million for local government in Tompkins County. Weill Cornell Medical College generated $44.2 million in tax payments to the state and $10.9 million to New York City government.

-- Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) is critical to the fulfillment of Cornell's land-grant mission, contributing more than $92 million in programs throughout the state in fiscal 2007. Its total economic impact on the state that year was $158 million. CCE volunteers gave more than 1.14 million hours of service to important community efforts statewide.

-- Cornell is also a national leader in sustainability. The report cites its research in green technology and CCE programs for local foods and sustainable agriculture that has an impact throughout the state.

-- During fiscal 2007, 10 existing New York state businesses licensed 22 Cornell technologies, allowing them to stay competitive and grow.

-- More than 170,000 visitors to the Ithaca campus spent approximately $47 million locally and directly supported 778 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in the county.

-- The Ithaca campus purchased $533 million in goods and services in fiscal 2007. A quarter of that, or $128 million, was spent in Tompkins County, and an additional $55 million was spent in surrounding counties in Central New York. Weill Cornell made $202 million in purchases in New York City.

-- In fiscal 2007, Cornell spent a total of $291 million with primary construction contractors: $179 million on projects for the Ithaca campus and $112 million on New York City projects. The construction projects generated 726 FTE jobs in Tompkins County. Weill Cornell construction created 888 jobs in New York City and an additional 77 FTE jobs elsewhere in the state. "Cornell's updated fiscal 2007 economic impact study reaffirms the many ways Cornell's faculty, staff and students contribute to the quality of life for the citizens of New York state," said Joanne DeStefano, Cornell vice president for finance and CFO. "The study is intended to fulfill President Skorton's prior commitment to regularly report back to the citizens of New York state on how the university is using the resources it is provided to advance the public good.")

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