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Being at the center of the redevelopment, and development of Independent Civilizations.  The leading example: The Israeli Civilization is now re-emerging, and struggling for self-dependence in a modern world.  Is this possible?  If so, then what are the challenges to make it happen both for the Israeli Civilization, and The Arab Civilization?

The position within the speicific domain of geopolitical realities, is that conflict destroys the region's ability to form an independent economic self-dependent spheres.  This is especially true for the Arabs, who are unaware of how continuation of conflict causes increasing, and on-going dependencies on Euro-centric Civilizations.  Moreover, continued hatred towards Israel has disabled the necessary psychic constructs, and conscious awarenesses of the Arab peoples to discover their own unique true nature of unity. What is important, in the meantime, is for the Israeli Peoples " central " needs to come to grips with the National Delayed Stress Syndrome ( often the real focus of  terrorists attacks, used by the enemies of Israel, and how, they, the Arab regimes, have exploited the Palestinians-who are doing the bleeding for them ) caused by both the socio-cultural psyche - shock after affects of The Holocaust of European Jewry, and the conflict conditions impossed upon them, after their European experience of near extinction, within the Middle East, The  Arabic Geopolitical Dhimmis/Dhimmitude.

Peace is not the real issue here.

The Real Issues are those necessary steps to take in-order to develop regional self - dependencies supported by an economic regional sphere of equality to the various European Economic Unions, and others ( ie. The Asian Block ) who are  now amassing greater strength within the process of Globalization.  

Peace in reality is co-economic development, and to acquire, as soon as  possible,  the socio-economic infrastructures necessary for independence in a Hi-Tech age of globalization.

What is still not evident is how Israel is going to trust anyone?
Within the very essence of something called the Critical Path Methodologies, once the emphais is place in The Middle East forum for Co - Economic development, for the purpose of formulating an equal partnership in the globalization on-going processies, then the true issue of a people's ethics comes to the surface.  It is in the interchange of commerce, trades, and co - development where each can see the other in the labor their careers, and the focus of their drives in that career, or personal development,  " to provide for their families."

What the Arabs will get out of this, is the realieties in which they have been marketed, and very rudely exploited by the West in such a way as the continuation of the conflict ( which European civilizations like France based their policy of making the Arabs dependent upon ) with the Israelis enhanced Western Euro, and once Soviet industrial arms development economy, at the over-charged costs, litterally severe, to the development of their own independent civilizations.  In an affect, get the Arabs assisting in the disability of  their own Arab Civilzations, or The Greater Arab Civilization.   Then they should start get the message, that they are not to fully develop, under the tradition of how things are presently done, and peace efforts by those outside their regional sphere could in the end be more of a danger in future costs to the Eurocentric civilizations of the West.  Money.  And damages their rights as Arabs, to self-determination, under European Arms sales spheres of economic influences, as a result.
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