Zionist Organizations in Ithaca:
Zionist Organizations in Ithaca:
What is needed is a stable Zionist organization to appear within the Ithaca-Central New York Region.  Thus this page will instruct those who are interested in forming an active asociation with Zionism, and  how they can construct their own groups separate from the my effors.  This site's purpose is to empower.
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Zionism is about ownership and liberation as a critical means to provide a better secured future for the Jewish Peoples ( note the important plural ).  Moreover, and since recent times, the word has been smeared by those who are ignorant of the importance of this meaning, or who does know, and thus fear its implications upon their own future designs and lives.  It is in the unequivalcal confrontation of this fear where the single value of The Torah enters its central purpose.  Zionism calls to it, The Torah, simply means its liberation.
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Interactive Zionist Youth Registration-For those who do not know which group to join,
Yahoo's Site::  Zionist Empowerment Form.
How to form your own Zionist group.  Outline in Yahoo's web site:

If you got time, and have been on an Israel program, please fill out the Zionists Activist Form.
Page above is for Christians who are Zionist, and needs a personal support stucture for support to Israel.
Can you write, or have an issue - concern you wish to express, plus photos, then be a..

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Israeli Culture of Diversity:
Wanted are people who are interested in oing follwo - up research, and furhter expansion of the prolific dynamics of discovering some of the most interesting facets which created the present political drama in the Middle East.
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