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This is the politicl development wing of the Israel Information Center Ithaca.  What this entails is that in order to formulate FIRST a more preciese definition of political terms, AND THUS a very close and utmost careful investigation must be made within the varIous dynamics which creates the Middle East Picture.  This then leads to formulating coalitions.
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The National Jewish Liberation of The Torah;
The Regional Middle East View:
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What this entails, and if you implement specitic details contained in the legal works, The Talmud, then associated within the dynamics and calls for regional justice then you have these other peoples issues to also settle:

The Maronite National Union.

And Re-absorbtion of those Regional Peoples with "Post Jewish Ancestries."

Most Critical the Open Free Education of The Torah.

The critical reasoning behind this.  It that in the presentation of their arguments for a separate Palestinian State, in very legal Western, and Jewish  domains, they have set the stage for the above.  " If " a Palestinian State becomes a reality, and is not absorbed by a bigger Arab Brother State, then Syria, Turkey, Iraq, or Iran will be " not " able to maintian their rights-claims to their present boarders, or existance.  There is also a problem with Eygpt and The Sudan. This, and within it's historic center,  how these boarders were created, is where the blame of the regional conflict should have been placed.

The Ottoman Empire:

That in order to reverse the on-going collaspe of Ottoman Empire,  population displacement, genocide, and resettlement was initiated by a regime, then known famously for it's corruption and total decadence.

What this also implies, the single most similar  regional peoples' to the Israelis who are potential co-patriots are the Armenian first and foremost (   Circle of Experience of Genocide ), as well as, and equal, the Kurds (  Circle of Experience of the Dhimmis ).

Contained with the development history to rehabilitate the Ottoman Empire the Turks sought the development of a unified railroads, and communications systems.  At first they made their own attempts, but failed. Ie, due to theft of both rails, stolen - used for knives, pots and pans, as well as bedioun rifles , and ties  used for fuel for cooking and smelting the rails in the first place.  This caused the German's to be brought in, and from which the German's contracted manual labor populations from the Bagdad Suni area, for both construction workers, and settlers ( by assigned deeds - right of ways )-to guard the rails, and telegraph lines.  This triggered the need for massive cash inflows by the Turks, and at first they looted the Armenians, then saw the additional money which can be used for their advancing corrupt regimes, and sought more, and this triggered  the Armenian genocide.  Thus, the money for the German hired contractors were found, and were paid by confiscated Armenian assests.  The right a ways up rooted the Druze, Maronites, Nestorians,  Jewish Arabs, The Copts in Eygpt, and more.  Nabulus trade center became Arabized as a result, as well as Jerusalem-formerly Druz controled.  Ottoman hired German technicians dictated the direction of population dipersements, and who was allowed to be fed.

Note; The word Post ( as used in Post Jewish Ancestry ) will be explained in detail later.

It is the legal systems of remenidies and claims which makes the Palestinian settlement very interesting,  especially when courted within the present value systems of the United Nations, once quid-pro-quo is extended to all peoples within the Middle East.  Especially in view  with the present ethnic cleansing of Christians out of Bethelham, and in Lebanon's Bekkah Valley by the Arabs.
Note: What the information tracks will entail are the past, current, and future prospetives when you add economic co-development, and the impact of increased wealth upon the various societies within the region. This will be most dramatic with the Kruds first, and second, the Armenians, and only then third, the Palestinians. Israel's elevation will be independent of this-though it;'s prosperitiy will be greater than every one within this region as a result.
Is this Map representitive of the Peoples rights to self - detemination ?
Armenians being hung by corrupt Turkish Ottomans
Druze Amnay and Fanda.
I have always been very curious about the calls for a Palestinian State.  What is it's nature, and why it's issue, for it will set in motion the collaspe of Syria, and Iraq, and create a very minor Turkish State.  Iran will suffer minorally.  And will reveal The Arabic national agressions of the Past.  The simple fact, is that as the European map'ed out the region, the districts which went in their sphere of influences, were all Turkish based.
What will also confound the Arabs is that they will lose two states as a result.

Does anybody really want this, a Palestinian State to succeed, or to happen?

The Dissolution of the State of Lebanon 1840 - 1975::  Goto Here  :: ( this has a PDF site ).

Middle East:  Some Oriental Christians::  Goto  Here  ::

Forming Coalitions Now:

" The Centrality of The Torah "

By extension, once simply the word connections of National Jewish Liberation and The Torah, then The Torah, through The Talmud,  in how they modifys, lets say an Israeli prospective in foreign policy-auto-changes the political character of the present scope of peace settlement.  Moreover, the view of justice in this region becomes even more dramatic as it completely vindicates those who envisioned the creation of the State of Israel in the eyes of a humanity who has a tradition of  justice. That  Zionism has successfully reached out it's central message of  National Liberation of  an " Oppressed "  Peoples Yisroel.  A flame of justice, and liberty for all Middle East oppressed peoples. Unaware, by their intolerance, the dhimmis and recent histories, the Arabs have endorsed this.
By extension of The Torah as a guide to relations with the Palestinians and protections therein, places the Palestinians in a position in which their collective superstition of the Jewish Peoples decreases their pysche abiltiy of hate-centered expressions, or resistance, further altering their Arab personna to be something new in Arab history.
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