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The State of Texas

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The City of Austin, Texas

Most of us are not Texans. We may want to be at times, I always remember wathcing those great John Wayne Westerns, and like the rest of us seeing oursleves in those romantic Western roles. Texas was once a very proud independent country, thus our, and theirs, the Texans themselves have always had this heroic deminsion everytime the word Texas is heard.

Thus, and according to one visitor to Ithaca, a Texan from North Lamar in cosmopolitan Austin, gave reviews on those here in Ithaca wearing a Stedson could not help it in letting go with a wide smile and slightly shaking her head at the sametime. " Gee. they still want be us." I knew what she meant. She was 7th generation Texan herself, and hints of her mild Latin features denoted even longer traditions. Everything else about her was great, and with Irish mixed in. Wow!

Sitting down and drinking her coffee the echos of her Texan dialect caused one in neighboring table to ask. " Are you from Texas?" And there again the word Texas was mentioned. And once again as her breast lifted up in a stately female pride, guys she had good equipment, she gave a very polite " yes."

Then she said "Love y'all. I'm from Texas." Which is even a more charming Texan style sentiment from a lovely Texas gal. Her Texan twange and all. Texan culture has been pointed out in literature, art, movies but no one except a Texan can exhibit a national character which is also a regional one, and all saying in its context of friedly composure to come visit Texas, and be no longer a stranger.

She looked around and then saw another Ithacan wearing a stedson and silnently she murmured "a Yankee ." I turn my head to the direction she was looking, and she was right. " A Yankee." For my slef I loved her company, and since I am a Floridian, which she admired we had a good week togehter.


The City of Dallas, Texas

The City of Dallas, Texas is the rancher's, as well as the ole oil tycons paradise of the State of Texas. Like most Texas cities, Dallas NightLife is big stuff, rope burns included.

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