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Roger's Fashions and Trendsetters News Covering the major fashions global centers and Ithaca's 4 emerging merchant retail markets of Ithaca, New York.
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Cornell Societies - This is a listings of societies which are either sponsored by Cornell University, affiliated, or who have co - sponsored events both locally, or Internationally
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The Fashion Bitch - A real heard look in to fashions and trends for women. Ithaca Fashions -  What is the latest in fashions for Ithaca, New York.
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Academia, New York City, New York: Here the Students / Scholars of New York City, New York can register their organizations on - going weekly social events.
New York City Fashions and Trendsetters: " Whats resent is always top conversation for those who love to shop for the latest fashions.  this site covers this aspect of society's more easy ways of life.

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New York City Information Center collecting the best and unique of New York City
Miss Soyama Reece

Welcome to New York City!
New York City is the place where everyone wants to visit, revisit, and visit again. The historic sociocultural investments have created an atomsphere of total cultural artistic freedom as every second this is seen on the streets' nightlife scene.   No one is allowed to be judgemental of anothers idenity, especially in one's individual artistic choices according to the prevailing un'written social - code of New York City's ethnicities of honor. With commuter traffic crammedjam-packed full subway trains, passenger conversations covering everything to what GaGa is wearing to what Bloomberg is planning below while on the streets above bumber to bumber traffic, along with cabbies sticking their heads out and screeming for more room, have created the social reality of keeping ones persona cool, if not then take a pill, and not to grip when it rains.  Then in a flash suddenly space has openned up and one is able to reach one's intended destination to New York City's NightLife and ones is propelled into an environment of total entertainment freedom.  Space here is everything, both in area - range and emotions, a real and at times a desparate thirst which is like water to a desert nomad.
Thus living in New York City has a cultural norm of being as unique as you want; this is what the city's entertainers professionally focuses on to meet the resulting expectations created for you to enjoy their performances; and really works as ones discovers that creativity is impossible for anyone to control.  Thus "  let it fly "  leads the city's population aspirations' into a frenze of pride.

In every turn of a couple of blocks of walking the city's streets you are virtually traveling into a new country.  This has created the most superb part of the finer selection of food and restaurants. You can taste foods from all around the world at the best world renown restaurants. Every ethnic group in the world has replica culturesountries which gives you a flavor of thierere edible cultures. 

Fashions in New York is not only a statement, it's visualities is a highly emotional opate.  Once one gets started  an affected unusual physhic sensation of it  becoming increasingly habit forming is immediately noted.  Especially in what fashions models are wearing at the hangouts in and around Park Avenue; the street scene become visual candy and every year its just gets sweeter. This spills into the theater / theatre districts of Broadway along with ever leashed smaller versions of man's best friend, while their owners' clothed in the latest item of whose who, carrying small plastic bags. 

Mix in to this scene a completely total investment in awsome and at time extreme architectual visions of ever increasingly taller buildings, the backdrop of the city has fully established the visual proof of the creative ends of the city's independent civilization manifest destiny. It can only go up.  Along with a rememberance of tragedy of the Twin Towers, the city's fathers have established the will of the city's people to fight back in the creative visions invested in the emerging even greater structures to fill in of what was taken from the city's humanities with a united civic will, stated in the architectual designs of the World's Trade Center, " that we as New Yorkers are going to stay really alive."

Then as the night approaches.......The magic awaits.....Tickets are now being sold......Lovely gals apply their perfumes....Guys count whats in their wallet.... 

New York City's nightlife comes alive in total; rushes and depicts several varied scenes of awsome action highlighted lights and showy luster of the entertainers, and event promoters.  This is just a taste of what really goes on.  Moreover, this is the city that nevers sleeps. It's heart beats of International diveristies as everyone awaiting their turn to perform, cook, or sell their latest fashions design for your pleasures, and thus everything is not impossible for a city to do is done here 24 hours a day.  What this also entails is the fact that New York City is world's cultural center fait accompli - though not fully recognized by others who then comes to New York City to the proud French declaring New York City can not compete with their Paris, or the Saudis/Arabs their Medina.
New York City is actually the real city, if not the inventor of nightlife, as it was here where Edison created the innovative wonder of night lights, creating the stage where knights and ladies of artistic venues proclaim their bulls of favor and courtesies to those who wish to enter their various worlds of the arts.  And since everything is included in this mass of cultural varities, or vanities even if you like to hopsotch - hop, skip, and jump, there is someone with a side walk just for you to play, along with the included colored jazzy chalks to outline the fancy squares on the concrete sidewalk surface.
Opera, Music, Dance, Theatres, Movies, Multi Media Shows, and possibly the best food on Earth, even if you want it koshered too,  is all here too.  So here is just taste, view, and gentle reflection of this great city.
The Five Boroughs of New York City, and the descriptives of their individual Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC scenes. 
  • The Borough of The Bronx is Bronx County.See Bronx NightLife.
  • The Borough of Brooklyn is Kings County.See Brooklyn NightLife.
  • The Borough of Manhattan is New York County. See Manhattan NightLife.
  • The Borough of Queens is Queens County. See Queens NightLife.
  • The Borough of Staten Island is Richmond County. See Staten Island NightLife.
  • .
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    Roger M. Christian

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