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by Jerry W. Bird

He states.

"A once in a lifetime opportunity came our way during New Years Week, 2004, when we journeyed on Rovos Rail , the Pride of Africa, from Cape Town to the company's Capital Station complex at Pretoria. It was such a superb experience that we are providing our descriptive travelog of the two-day rail tour to the world's print and broadcast media on request. Travel World News of New York has already run the story nationwide in the USA and an expanded feature will appear in Africa Magazine's Grand Tour of South Africa issue. Here are some opening comments from the Rovos Rail article: "What a way to celebrate the New Year! As we joined the other passengers assembled on the red-carpeted platform, a traditional toast of South African champagne and orange juice set the mood, while a trio of violinists provided soft, soothing classical music -- a fitting background for such a memorable send off"

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From Hopes on The Horizon, South Africa, Story Synopsis we get the leading lines....

Following the end of white minority rule, one of the most pressing needs for South Africa’s new government was to build an education system for all its citizens that would redress the devastating legacies of apartheid. Decades of racial discrimination had channeled resources to the white minority, while the black majority was deliberately impoverished and undereducated. Black schools, which had been the focal point of the anti-apartheid struggle, had endured decades of protest, boycotts, and violence. In many black townships, there were not enough schools or no schools at all.

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Something which is lot deeper as it starts to touch upon South Africa's inherit diversities and histories as well. IE. South African literature from South Africa dot Info. We get.....

South Africa has had a rich history of literary output. Until relatively recently, realism dominated the production of fiction in South Africa - perhaps authors felt an overriding concern to capture the country's turbulent history and the experiences of its people. Fiction has been written in all of South Africa's 11 official languages - with a large body of work in Afrikaans, in particular - but this overview focuses primarily on English fiction, though it also touches on major poetic developments

And then it goes on to say....

'The colonial adventure The first fictional works to emerge from South Africa were produced by immigrants who often felt alienated from the South African landscape - at the same time as they were fascinated by its often harsh beauty. These colonial writers were unsettled and intrigued by what they perceived to be exotic elements of indigenous cultures.'

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