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International InterCultural Communications and the Interment
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It is the key function of InterCultural Communications which is central to the present globalization of the human experiences which have developed a new consciousness. This has given opportunity to promote International and National Cultural Fiestas ( thus a Movement ) to be formally developed into working programs within your own campus ( public schools and Universities ), and community.

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Networking through both the Internet and Cell Phone Texting has become major contributors in bringing people together. More important, every International Student / Scholar who is campus or community connected is a value human resource. The importance of which will become more evident in the near future after their academic phase of the life. Thus in the promotion of InterCultural Communications with their participation in developing cultural fiestas Internationalizes once they are both encourage. or is self - motivated to join in and develop their own social and cultural programs as well as co -sponsor other activities of similar cultural content - commonality.

International Students / Scholars ~ Why Join The International Students / Scholars Network Google Group ?

1. To know exactly what is the scope and limitations of your student, cultural exchange, or visiting professor visas.

2. How joint social and economic cooperation with other International Students / Scholars helps to develop a community, and fostering those helpful human strings of human relationships which creates feelings of home.

3. Examine the options for further study/research in the United States, and additional channels for resume building.

4. Looking at the option of International trades, and economic arenas of opportunities beyond graduation with a connection to the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

5. How to secure additional funds and grants, as well as to extend the limitations of present visas to include work [ green cards ] and business development.

6. Security is an essential need for International Students / Scholars, as there exist several myths within both the United States and Internationally about the present ethos [ IE. Post 9/11 ], and its associative anxieties in which Americans naturally have.

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