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Why this is important:   At several College and University campuses, several International Students / Scholars have banded themselves into recognized student groups.  First this was a means to keep in touch with ones home, as the human connection between fellow citizens help'ed in the sociocultural transition.  None the less, and more importantly, these groups started to initiate their own social and cultural programs.  The ripple affect within the sociocultural academic ethos was awesome as it created a high character representation of their homeland and peoples and resulted in long term relationships after graduation with Americans.  Americans who got an up-front cultural education as a direct emotional consequence of freindships they and the International Students / Scholars formed together. In several instances, both in the private, as well as in the political sector these freindships had even a more profound impact on the American national consciousness in its foreign relations.



Welcome to our web site!
This website is part of what has already has happened at a few University and College Campuses: Have your campus join in this International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement.

America is about opportunities, and it is here were we can help to educate Americans about our individual country, personal pride, and cultures.  Through Inter - Cultural Communications by developing both Mini and Major Multi - Media Cultural Fairs, we, in our labors, has already had a larger than life impact upon America as a whole.


This website has both  listings of available resources - based upon on hand items Internationals have to offer, or loan, registry of available talent, non - for - profit assisting organizations-including home countries, the various consulates, interests in helping, and other items-etc.
The contained inter - active forms is to assist in the discovery element of what can be shared.  Moreover, once the Mini Cultural Fairs begin, and the first International Cultural Fiesta is accomblished,  then additional information is given to acquire future, and prolonged  fundings.
All the while, as it is highly encouraged that invitations are offered-on a private one to one basis-to Non-Internationals to help in the development of these programs.
It is in the actions, the letters, phone calls, and other energies expended which are the real greater learning tools.  The event is only the focus, but it is the manner of bring about these events where the real lessons are learned, and formative lasting friendships occur.
It is from here where future foundation blocks are established between countries, and thus in the socio-cultural course of actions taken on private initiatives, then these actions assume their importance in every Peoples rights to self - determination, and thus the Internationals, WE,  are also honoring their, OUR, own countries.

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Diversity is the World
IE . Some of the images we must change.
This image is African pride, but this does not represent all African Women.
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IE . Some of the images we must change.
This is Queen Rania, but this does not represent all Arab Women.

IE . Some of the images we must change.
This is Latin ( Cha Cha ) Dance, but it does not represent fully Latin culture?



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