Income Stage Developmental Mentoring Contracting Terms

Agreement Preamble.

It is recognized that this is an Income Stage Developmental Mentoring agreement which is initiated as a result of the MANAGER/AGENT now being contracted has proven to have successfully provided legtimate modeling jobs first and foremost, and was based upon the single efforts of the MANAGER/AGENT or AGENCY to which to this contract is being enacted. Furthermore, it is further understood that as TALENT in such present status as starting out TALENT may not have the income to pay for an active agent until as TALENT is able to earn total personal incomes of more than $ 18,000.00 in which the commission agency stage, meaning commissions rate is based on all modeling related job incomes - payments after TALENT have achived a level of total personal incomes, fee shall be enforced. That personal incomes is defined as all earned incomes and other compensations, per year se, made to TALENT, and that TALENT is prepared to issue a copy of IRS returns for the year and the previous year in which this contract is signed upon demand by MANAGER/AGENT who is also MENTOR to verify income ( s ) status. As TALENT I also recognized that this contracting agreement is not traditional with other MANAGERS/AGENTS of TALENT ________( initial this part).

Agreement Contracted.

I, ______________________________________ (TALENT), hereby agree to engage you, ____________________ (MANAGER/AGENT-MENTOR), as my mentor / agent to direct, develop and advance my career as a model. I hereby warrant that I do not now have a contract with any other manager with respect to the modeling services, which are the subject of this agreement. Subject to my availability, you agree to use all reasonable efforts to assist me in obtaining contracts to perform modeling services for clients.


I understand and agree that I am not an employee of the MANAGER/AGENT. Rather, I am retaining you to perform services for me.

I agree to pay you after and based upon my yearly total incomes for your services a sum equal to five percent after achiving total personal incomes of over $18,000.00, ten percent after achiving total personal incomes of over $ 25,000, 15 percent after achiving total personal incomes of over $ 35,000.00, and twenty percent after achiving total incomes of over all over $ 40,000.00 of all gross compensation received in connection with all professional services, and ONLY on all proportions of personal incomes made from modeling related jobs, which I render during the term of this agreement (TERM) or which, during the TERM, I agreed to render at a date after the TERM, including services rendered pursuant to any agreements or extensions, renewals or amendments to any agreements entered into during the TERM. I am also aware that you are entitled to receive a service charge from some and/ or all of the clients who may utilize my services. I agree that this service charge shall be an additional inducement for you to act on my behalf.


The TERM of this agreement shall be ONE (1) YEAR from the date hereof (ANNIVERSARY DATE) and shall be renewed automatically for anther one (1) year term on each ANNIVERSARY DATE thereafter. This is under the judgement of the MANAGER/AGENT, or by TALENT with issues concerning births or changes or development in marriage status and / or career choices. Then this agreement or any renewal thereof may be terminated at any time by either party upon ninety (90) days prior written notice to the other party. Such notice may be by personal delivery or by registered certified mail.


You, MANAGER/AGENT, are hereby appointed my lawful attorney-in-fact with authority to demand, collect and receive in my name, any and all payments whether by cash, cheque or otherwise, to which I may become entitled; to make, execute and deliver receipts; to endorse, deposit and collect any cheque, note, draft or other instrument for the payment of monies that may be payable to my order, and to sign photographic releases and to do and perform any matter or thing whatsoever for and on behalf of me in my name, all in connection with my services covered by this agreement. The foregoing authority shall be irrevocable during the TERM of this agreement and any renewal hereof. In consideration of advance payments to be made by you, MANAGER/AGENT, to me, TALENT, I hereby assign to you the proceeds of the professional assignments, from which you have the authority to deduct from said proceeds, all monies due and owing to you that you have advanced to me. I agree to compensate you for any shortfalls and/or legal costs incurred by you in your collection of the proceeds of the professional assignments.


You, MANAGER/AGENT, are hereby authorized to use my name, portrait and picture to advertise and publicize me in connection with your representation of me. I agree that the validity, the laws of the province/state of ____________ shall govern interpretation and performance of this agreement, and I agree to attorn to the jurisdiction of the courts of _____________(PROVINCE/STATE). This agreement is deemed executed on the date both parties have signed below. My mother agency for all purposes (including commission, availability, and representation) is:


____________________________     ____________________________

Agency Agency representative - Print Name

____________________________ ____________________________


Signature of Model__________________________________



Accepted: Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY OnLine Publications, Ithaca, New York 14850


By: _______________________



Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian (if Model under 18 years)