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Berlin Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

European Section / Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network ( Mission InterCultural Communications ).
Created December 1, 2008

The selected European cities are based upon their openess and rich cultural character. Nonetheless, every city selcted has a vibrant night life / nightlife, location of excellent collection of art, theatres / theaters and an active capuses life supported by a core of student organizations, faculty and academic cultural activities which provides a real workings of InterCultural Communications.

It is the key function of InterCultural Communications which is central to the present globalization of the human experiences which have developed a new consciousness. This is given opportunity to promote both International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement to be informally developed within the enclosed selcted city communities.

National Cultural Fiestas

The national aspect of the International and Nation Cultural Fiesta Movement is based upon how the sected European cities have both social and cultural infuences upon smaller communities within their and thus its National sphere of influence. This is crucial in as much as National Cultural Fiestas proivdes both national idenity from the perspective of personal community pride and the internal personal resources such event promotions creates.

The National and International Cultural Fiesta Movement

An online manuel program / activities template, crossed linked - as per the enclosed site's footer, to define suggested program quidelines. These quidelines are clearly defined in such a way as to lend how each National cultural attributes and their social and cultural behavorism can be transmitted to others societies world wide. Moreover, such activies immediate lends to other non - for - profit and equally applied for profit organizations their own voices

InterCultural Communications and The Internet:
A brief on how the Internet is being implemented to promote this on a global scale.
Main Focus: Internet Promotions
InterCultural Communications aand Promotions
Ithaca's Top Dog ( Internet Master )

The Local, National and International Social Calendar: Where each selected community, as well as those who have been suggested are promoted to be viewed by the global community of computer users.
Moscow, Russia Social Calendar
Academia ~ Moscow, Russian Social Calendar
Moderated by Mr. Roger M. Christian, Ithaca, New York until a local community representitive is found in Moscow.

Concerts and Entertainment
Moscow Forums’ Join Today!
November 23 at 6:30 pm
West Building, Main Floor, West Garden Court
Music by Native American and other American composers. Presented in honor of George de Forest Brush: The Indian Paintings.

Image: Mosccow at Night: Moscow Night Life ( NightLife ), RMCMoscow at Night: A Cultural Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC activities brief of Moscow, the Russian Republic
Through January 11, 2009

Romance fills the air. Young couples looking for a renewal of traditions and most of all making sure love is never again lost highlights the spirit and poeetic tone of Moscow's nightlife. The seat of both a nation and national cause to regain the Russian civilization lost under decades of the socialist tradgedies is its cause. In their hearts, and a most remarkable deep well of literary affection to every visitor to this city as well as for all peoples of Russia the reemerging cultural city of Moscow is most willing to give you its keys of a very warm welcome. For those who romanticises the Moscow's winters the very aspect of needed physical and human warmth, where a kiss is worth a fortune, is at the center of Moscow's cultural expectations and aspirations. Here are the keys.... p>

Image: Mark Rothko American, 1903 - 1970 Untitled, 1969 acrylic on paper sheet: 127.63 x 107.32 cm (50 1/4 x 42 1/4 in.) Gift of The Mark Rothko Foundation, Inc.International and National Arts Network, RMC

Visual cultural representation is graphically illustrated in all forms of art, and the arts. One of the most important aspects of human behavior is art. As part of a worldwide initiative, International and National Arts Network, RMC is seeking information and suggestions about local artisits their drawings, watercolor, sculptures, paintings, and otther art works as well as suggested public Art Galleries and Studios and private collections.

Issue: The Challenge to the Arts.

This relfects how the creative thinking processes, along with a constructed social and economic column-how everything relates to each other in these areas of human endeavors, in developing focus points, and the empirical data acquired, in which to draw conclusions on the present needs and desires of the American civilization.

Spectra Analysis:

A light beam is flashed against the white indoor wall and all one sees is a lighted white wall. Most logic is based upon this visual form of analysis-to keep it simple in this discussion. However, once you place a crystal prison between the source of light and the wall, you will see defferent colorizations appear, a spectrum of color.


n truth, if there is a reality to what one investigator is trying to either investigate or immediate observes:

What is more accurate ?

The lighted white wall?

Or the wall after a crystal prison is placed in between ?

From this site's view its the crystal prison application which debunks the present methods of analysis and the rethoric in the poltical-sphere of left, right and center at the sametime. Every event, and form of human behavior has different forms of colorization which affects their actions and how they are precieved.

Every issue or event likewise has their own time line. Once it is known what ones sees or hears is part of human action or actions, then both the physical and emotional state are likewise subjects for reviews. Spectra analysis, on the other hand, add others components as well. IE. you can not separate the sexuality which is inherited in each event. The central reason is that when you deal with human events you are dealing with a coalition of personalities which must meet a certian point of views of either mutual agreement or disagreement which creates the event in the first place.

Moreover, there are other factors which are likewise happening within the environment in which events occur. Each is not separeted from each other but it is who is observing which lends greater focus. What I discovered its that when one event was happening in lets say area A something is likewise happening in area B. However, all most knows is what is happening in area A as no one had decided to make a similar analysis of what likewise occured in area B. The real punch comes in certain human events, in the meantime, is that what had happened in area B had a significant influence of what actually did happen in area A.

This was discovered in Women Studies at the State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo State College when I went beyond the course depiction of Settlement Houses of the late 19th Centuray America to have continued influence of events today. However, when you discuss Settlement Houses today many will not know what you are talking about. None the less, every major city and most American communities have Playgrounds which was one of the success in which the feminist leaders of the Settlement houses were able to bring about within American culture as well as the Initial funding of the N.A.A.C.P.

This form of analysis is likewise urgently needed now, and in the following descriptive views which are the article themselves are the leading factors of why.

To submit press releases, please download a PDF of the catalogue raisonné questionnaire or contact us at (607) 279-9945 or by e-mail at

Image: Center 60Center 28 Socio - Cultural Innovation

Du Avant Garde

As included in this site --- as nn example ---is the view of revolution and the Internet.

Social Revolutions and the Internet Influence:

The term social revolution may have different connotations depending on the writting, audience, and age groups.

In the Trotskyist movement, the term "social revolution" refers to an upheaval in which existing property relations are smashed. This spured on the October Revolution in Russia in 1917 and the Cuban Revolution, as both caused capitalist (and in some cases pre-capitalist) property relations to turn into post-capitalist property relations as they operated by plan rather than by market. All of it failed in as much as there was always a conditional connection between personal consensus and market forces And hard as they tried they could not feed their populace.

Today social revolutions are contrasted with an accelerator of a sorts by a technological revolution as well as an over taking and powerful information revolution created by the Internet. Political revolutions are becoming more ethnocentric in their domains in which there has been a slow land grab-possibly the last we will ever know. Governments, or the dominate ethic groups are not necessarily replaced but are divorced.

Once a basic idenity is achieved or altered, but in which both social and cultural relations are predominantly left intact by traditional known human governance, then the state in which controls the territory has survived. Today, and as a result, social revolutions do now, and most dramtically imply the necessity that the personal idenity as a whole has more of a say or control over education and the aspirations of their youth, and are likewise to obtain highly advance technological information portals and supporting goods and services personal goals.

In countries such as Gabon, Africa, this has foster additional national anxiety as education and information about other successful ethnic struggles are likewise revealing a great Internal Exile of one's former ethnic idenity. It was the greater Internal Exile in which the majority of the Russian elite had which caused the rapid collaspe of the former Soviet Union. Confronted with this a social scape or focus is likewise formed. As a result several African as well as Eastern European States can no longer afford using traditional contraols over other ethnic groups and their lives, as several ethnic groupings are slowly denying that their own ethnic idenity to ever is in control, will be no more expropriated.

In this, the traditional rule of both libertarian socialist and anarchistic forms have completely lost their footings. The same is likewise true for Eurocentric social and cultural perceptions over youth, or those who are now under 24 years of age. Teen and young adult parlance, and the accelerated information social revolution is radically bottom-up, as opposed to both traditional education and sociopoliticcal and sociocultural existing vanguard, Thus this social form of revolution is now led by purely techno-informational revolution of the rapid increases in information various forms insourcings trigger by Internet spiders and i now actively triggering human behavioral reorganization of all society.

At one time, a century earlier .. " In the words of Peter Kropotkin, "social revolution means the reorganization of the industrial, economic life of the country and consequently also of the entire structure of society."

However, with William Gates and others in the lead of the Internet Revolution " The keys to power is who is the developer of information content and creating links which matches the focus of ones use of meta taggings. More generally, the term now used to depict social revolution is the resulting outsourcing now affecting human society through massive change in computer hardwear, and more high advanced products of telecommunications, such a cell phones. Soon, and very much the science fiction television tricoder used by the crew of the Star Ship Enterprise is now technically possible within just a few years.

Thus in the view of social revolutions there was the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the American Civil Rights Movement and the 1960 hippie or counterculture.

Now with additional grab for elite bandwidths of both academic information content, and published thesis after the year 1998, and reasearch analysis, the real reformation on religious beliefs, personal identity, freedom of speech, music and arts, fashion, alternative technology or environmentalism has started to decentralised both secondary education and higher education, as well as the popular media. The innovation of the LapTop is very much like the autos used during the 1950 and 60s which created a fire of additional national and International expectations of Americans as a whole.

Presently and possible too late, Islamic thinking, especially under the Shiite school of thought, a social revolution on their sociocultural orthodoxy of how they were created, are now, in the eventual confrontation of this massive globalization of information insourcing [ Which are right now crawling into their own information computer mainframe servers and websites and adding them to their indexs. ] has to be tyrannical and despotic to its people to maintain their radical political ends. In the meantime, those who are under the ages of 26 year s of age and are Arab middle class have already been exposed to the Internet. The resulting reaction caused by the initial underlying concept of an Islamic Revolution, though key concepts that moral freedom is the most important aspect of a human's fundemental needs, cannot condone the affects of its influences on this populace at the sametime. Thus an information cap is implacing an Internal Exile Islamic styled, especially in Iran. What the reaction of this youth sector will become when the sociopolitical processes creates the conditions of social stablization necessary for massive access to the Internet have already been triggered by the resulting needs for emotional liberation, which is historically socioculturally innate within the semitic cultures of this region. Thus the outsourcing of both the context and cultural democratic flow of resulting global scale of information could trigger an Islamic Reformation. If not then a collaspe of Islam itself; this is the present anxiety of " The Radical Islamists, and their drive for controls through impossed self-style political motivated harsh moral codes, along with their personal security anxeities. This philosophy, however, can not regulated the flow of information over the Internet throughout the world, nor into their own homes and children. Key Factor: Over the horizon is the integration of the Internet with satellite telecommunications.

It is for the reason why extremist have already evolving more dramatic computer viruses. This was already successfully used against the Israelis en masse. For those in the West there will be no massive class upheavals but the dramatic changes in the overall perceptual ranges of the emerging society taking benefit from the result of the social revolutions created by the Internet, now is bring about radical forms of cultural democracies to occur within the newer resulting traditions of social intercourse over the Internet.

We all are living in a new age.

Avant Garde Get - Togethers Network

Image: london_night_life-89b276ac4a00, height 271 (67 3/8 in.) London Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
Through March 22, 2009

London's ever moving, foggy at times, darken sensual nightlife scene is where the world's center of Pub - Hopping exist. The Pint of Ale still rules. Remember to be most respectful of the serving maids; this is a must. Moreover, with the various building booms, the city actual vibrates with youthful zeal sending virtual cultural and vibrant social revolutionary waves and trends all over Europe.

Recently with a greater influx of visiting Internationals the nightlife, as their influences are triggering a real party bonanza, is now starting to extend over its previous 11 PM understood curfew. The action and time target is now 2:00 AM.

Youth, youth, and more youth are now invading every aspect of London NightLife. They are coming in from the Midlands, such as Birmingham and Manchester bring these cities recent innovations of Techno, and at time their adaptation of " The Blues". And those from the continent of Europe are likewise heading in to join in some of the greatest after hours parties in Europe- a real Buzz__z___z__z.

Gosh-Avant Garde, and with a sprinkling of Gothic dressed and fashioned sensed trendsetters, one has a hard time to view this new London scene as the city of Dickens or the present Queen-though respected as she still is by everyone; The Liz still has their love. Why?

The downtown nightlife area literally dances in the pop-cultural clubs are likewise inhabited by leading contemporary superstars; they too want to party. What more fantastic everyone is most respectful of new visitors - something in which Paris should copy. .

Image: marlene-dietrich-night-life-nightlife-rmc Berlin Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
A City of Cabarets

A city of a Cabarets With very ole vintage films made both in America and Germany itself - especially between WWI and WWII there were popular depictions of the Berlin cabaret. Christopher Isherwood only romanticized what was indeed a tough room in which to perform, and he as well as other were successful in their efforts to imprint the International trendsetters forever about this popular genre as Berlin's entertainment innovative genre. So much so.... Thus was to no surprise the first thing both the British, French, American and Soviet troops, themselves on their own, were to first rebuld were the cabarets. Even today these very same cabarets are very popular among visitors of today, and for good reason. A lot romance happened as a result..

Marlene Dietrich was the first German actress to make it big in Hollywood. Her career as a singer started in Berlin in the 1920s as a cabaret singer and actress. It wasn't until her role as Lola-Lola in The Blue Angel in 1929 that her breakthrough as a world-famous singer materialized with her first popular song Falling In Love Again. Although she detested the song, it became synonymous with her celebrity as a performer.

In the late 1930s, the Nazi Party officially invited her back to the Fatherland but she declined to return. Germany never forgave her for this act, even after the days of the Third Reich had long passed. Her decision to distance herself from her homeland was solidified even further by her recording of anti-Nazi songs such as Lili Marlene. [ Source ]

In several American films after WWII this night spot was must inclusion in both the movie script, and if there was a location shot in Berlin, there would be a local star making a cameo showing as well. The musical Cabaret to most observers who were there during the period was some-what accurate depiction but did not happen, however, all in one cabaret though-more like a concentrated depiction of what happen at least three cabarets combined. The floor-show's action gleam, smoke filled atmosphere, multitude of perfume scents wondering in and about, and costumed glitters along with darken curtain gives you a sense of the actual action which was going on according to one occupying GI-Cold War Veteran.

The Berlin Cabaret, especially with its on sight closeness performer - audience intimacy is a tough competitor for New York City's Broadway blockbusters to beat. Even now you still still find 30's brimed hats along with trenchcoated males, and cross dressing or dazzingly very skimpy dressed dark netted hosed clad females appearing in cabaret scenes through out Berlin. Also, these styles and dress genre, including cross dressings female habits has had a profound impact upon the gothic culture as well. There is simply no other nightlife like it. A real 1930s time lock.

Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
An Inter - City Cultural Communications website program between the Paris, Fance nad Ithaca, New York.

Evening Hot Spots: Image: Jan Lievens: A Dutch Master Rediscovered Image: 2bcc-cafe-de-flore.jpg
Evening Hot Sports:Paris popular night life / nightlife venues. The Paris NightLife Blog:Blog are not an important means of cultural communications over the Internet. Paris Cafes WebPage: Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite

The city of Paris, France George de Forest Brush: The Indian Paintings
A loving image of city of grace and culture.

Darkness blankets the ancient and cultural historic majestic city below, the whole of ones eyes then sees this City of Lights and reflects on its great name, Paris, France. Flush with excitment, heart ponding with anticipation magnificent towers, dignified monuments and artistic etched bridges are now seen through out the city's urban landscape by the glow of rustic nineteen century and the cascading multi spectra street lamps as ones eyes starts to focus on this city of cultural liberated energies. Unfolding in the early eve beneath the star lighted skies above are the sidewalk-cafes, their windows relfecting the very moods of the cities diverse traditions. Ones see unfolding boulevards strecthed out in every direction of the compass with the shinning hues of neon signs flooding the avenues and boulevards of shops, theaters, cabarets, clubs, and several magnificent hotels' grandeur.

The Parisians, themselves, at times seemingly rude, are full of prideful efforts to show off their real endeavors which is part of their night life - nightlife - social cultural environment as world wide vistors are ' just ' then prepared to enter into all their preparation, its time for real fun. Once one starts in the evenings of adventure one desires to stop by a cafe to make first contact with a waiter - waitress, settling down for a drink of wine and then picks up a menu to make for a glorious choice of their dinner's ensemble of crafted delights. Then when the check is paid and tips disbursed then its off to the theatre, or dance clubs where romance is the life energy of this city's mainstrom.

Here are the various districts of nightlife:

- Bastille

- Champs Elysees

- Latin Quarter

- Montparnasse

- Place de Clichy/Pigalle

- Opera

This is indeed are Paris nightlifes' thoughtful introductions. So lift up your spirit for your very soul is about to be refresh in the real meaning of enjoying one's own life especailly if you have some with you in this enchanted City of Lights and nightlife extraordinaire.

Mr. Roger M. Christian

Image: 94-03-03-euro-quest-night-life-rmcCopenhagen Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
Copenhagen: Peaceful, yet stronger for its committment to free expressions.

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, holds a wealth of magnificent attractions and exudes an undeniably captivating charm; in fact, Copenhagen was recently ranked as one of the world's best cities to live in. But what is it that makes this city so amazing? There’s really only one way to find out – that is by paying a visit to Copenhagen yourself!

There is a great deal to see in Copenhagen, and there are a variety of ways in which to experience it all. You might like to take a guided bus or walking tour for a comprehensive excursion; however, it's also a great idea to hire a bike and sightsee at your own pace. Some of the city's main attractions include the old port of Nyhavn, Copenhagen City Hall and the Rosenborg Castle. However, if you're looking to escape towards the city's more serene settings, you could head to the peaceful Tivoli Gardens or to Bellevue Beach instead. Another must-see attraction - and undoubtedly one of the most famous in Copenhagen - is the harbour's Little Mermaid statue, which is a monument to fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Anderson.

For visitors interested in the arts, Copenhagen boasts a number of museums, galleries and theatres. Among the most popular are the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, The Royal Theatre, the Glyptotek Art Museum and the Frilandsmuseet open-air museum. Copenhagen is also well known for its music scene - particularly jazz, and the city even hosts an annual festival - called the Copenhagen Jazz Festival; with its unparalleled splendour, it attracts countless people.

If you love shopping, you'll have a field day on Stroget - a pedestrianised shopping street in central Copenhagen. The street is also known for providing free entertainment - in the form of music, magic, juggling and more - particularly between the Nytorv and Hojbro Plads. And for anyone who loves to try different foods, Copenhagen boasts an impressive array of cuisines - but don't forget to try traditional favourites such as "smorrebrod" and the renowned freshly baked danishes!

Rome Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Image: In Memoriam: Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008)

Rome Night Life / NightLife as depicted in the romantic movie classic " Three Coins in a Fountain " centers on fact of Rome. The central character of Italian obseesion with romance with a typical Itlian saucy trait.

Well why not?

This is most fascinating when you consider the historic epic which is the city itself and its very ancient history, or to those who are better educated, " histroies". Not to mention, at the sametime, this city is also the seat of power of the Vatican, which is the Catholic Church; which is itself aciently connected to the city as well.

Here traditions run overboard, yet they a simple as the people themselves attempt to live out to its fullest.

Madrid Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Madrid is nothing but an alluring escape in its nightlife culture and its inviting warm breezes combine with its urban zeal for excitment are a delightful introduction by several europeans fleeing the cold of Europe. Lustered under the gentle rays [ For its against church law for the sun's rays to be harsh over this city. ] of the sun overhead are several musems willing to open their doors to give artistic rendered and romantic details of Spain's once vast empire, and courtly intrigues. The open doored churches and synagogues are awsome architectual national symbols their roof reflecting back the su's gift of appealing warmth. None the less the sun does sets and what you seen before, or heard in the streets everthing which is Madrid's nightlife is about to erupt in several wild releases - each with a purpose.

That purpose...

However, you will have to wait more than normal to about 11 PM, as diners ares served around 8 to 9 PM.

Madrid nightlife, then is one massive convocation of dancing, its dance halls - tascas - are world renowned and not just for Flamenco. The nightclubs steaming with drink and pleasures of musical and cabaret acts in Spanish to heavy metal music moods. The Spanards are never too much into drinking, thus the moods in the various night spots are more relazed and sober. Very much inspired after Nepolean left this city's cafes has taken up the national challenge with Paris in who has the menus. Theaters show off their fun like spins of drama, musicals and comedy. All European noting carefully the domination of Spainish and thus know a few Spanish phrases is a needed G-d send.

Send in your suggestions and comment

Spain's Dance CapitolBarcelona Night Lkfe ( NightLife ), RMC and Hot Bed of Dance Competitions

Eat, Drink, Romance, and Making Merry - especially within the realm of Latin / Salsa , or Argnetinia Tangos then you have a taste of the real life-style which is Barcelona, Spain. El Flamenco is king here! In a most impressive representational building booms, which seems to happen everywhere in Spain, the city planners have made it absolutely possible for a growing entertainment and celebration community to emerge surrounded by city wide design for nothing but pure multi - fasceted pleasures. It even may be true that it will one day it will become law that you do not sleep - for you could really miss something wonderful being unvailed. Sietas are thus common among club goers and etnertainment consumers alike. One thing you will soon learn about Barcelona is it's a city that doesn't sleep. The weekends you could keep going until 6:00; this is not unheard of when unexpected clubs goes through unplanned late night happenings.

Of course like other triving European communities, Barcelona offers the Euro - Quest fair of Techno - Hip Hop - Etc. However, its Spanish / Espana heritage lends to a differing image. At times you will find prices are not set. There is a wierd price related marketing going which at times is able to keep up with the city's creative persona.

Where you should start is around the Ramblas and in the Barri Gotic area. Then pick out couples who are around their early twenties and follow the flow and eb of their club hopping. Make sure that you keep your expectations free, and let the surprise happen and you could end up at 6:00 am entering into your hotel lobby on a Monday looking back on three nights of real life celebrations. Like really wild!

The Ressurected Eastern Eruopean Be-Jeweled City: Kiev Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Empire of the Eye: Magic of Illusion

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Kiev, Ukraine has become one of Europe's (and the world's) most popular tourist destinations. Prague was one of the major Eastern few European cities whick have had to almost completely rebuild itself from the bottom up. This was a direct consequnece of World War II, thus the cause of reconstructing its historic architecture to stay in touch with its heritage which was always under seige by Moscow to ssurvive true to form repsecting Ukraine nationalism. There are now lots of old buildings, many with beautiful murals on them. It contains one of the world's most pristine and varied collections of architecture, from Art Nouveau to Baroque, Renaissance, Cubist, Gothic, Neo-Classical and ultra-modern. Some of the most known sights are simple lovely jewels.

The Eastern Eruopean Be-Jeweled City: Prague Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Empire of the Eye: Magic of Illusion

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague has become one of Europe's (and the world's) most popular tourist destinations. Prague was one of the few European cities relatively untouched during the World Wars, allowing its historic architecture to stay true to form. There are lots of old buildings, many with beautiful murals on them. It contains one of the world's most pristine and varied collections of architecture, from Art Nouveau to Baroque, Renaissance, Cubist, Gothic, Neo-Classical and ultra-modern. Some of the most known sights are simple lovely jewels.

The Inter - City InterCultural Communications Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Internet networking program and indez search engine promotions.

Athens Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars InterCultural CommunicationsWhere it all began, and where it had also rebegun in both Democracy and Life. | Berlin Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsThe great seat of European economy and industrial energy now deidicated to ' The Green Revolution ' as well as the best gloabl Cabarets which exist.
Copenhagen Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsAncient and great | Gdansk Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars International InterCultural Communications The tiny city with a greater history per person.
Kiev Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC |Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsA rebuilkt marvel in both architecture and nationalistic revovery.| London Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsThe seat of an Empre and vision Imperial - Where the Liz rules by the love of her peoples homage to her crown.
Madrid Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural CommunicationsHot and ever steaming in romance. | Moscow Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications The Winter Palace of All Eruope; thus making human action that more hotter.
Oslo Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications | RSS Where Norsemen and Beauty abounds.
Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications | RSS Some say, " The Cultural Capital of Eruope
Prague Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications The Be - Jeweled City of Eastern Europe
Rome Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC | Students / Scholars: International InterCultural Communications The Eternal City

New InterCultural Communications Options Available!

Send Press releases to be published on The Academia ~ International Students / Scholars News
Keep the World Wide Web up to date with recent trends your are aware of within International and National InterCultural Communiations.Send in your press releases, along with photos for publication in our online publication: Web, educators, Students / Scholars - especially those who are doing research on InterCultural Communications and the Internet, International Family programs, fellowships/internships, films, gallery talks/lectures, music programs, and teen programs. Show as as many interest, which must have documentation as you wish to publish. All submitted items will be edited and then approved by you -first and foremost before publication. Submittted Thesis which are supervised by University / College departments or advising faculty will not be edited but will be submitted as is. Up most is you contribution to be published which is most important.They will be published in Academia ~ International Students / Scholars News.

Science, Technologies, Public Policy and Ethic.

We would like to hear from you. Please tell us about your visit to the National Gallery of Art. If you would like a reply, please be sure to include your e-mail address.

Image: NGAkids, Still LifeSEE New WebSite: Advance Academic Research

Science, Technologies, Public Policy and Ethnics:

" Fundemental Human Rigth to Full discovery. "

This web site is an inclusive forum by which the public, private, academic and scientific sectors in our society, as well as the world about America comes to a central communications Internet network to focus and review new science and technologies.

Which are:

Support of Free Scientific Inqury, and Open Research:

Proper review of all data to assure accuracy of all information published on this site:

Ethical considerations are also solicited so long as they do not in any manner what so ever seek to politicalize any field of research, or the innovator and scientist in the process of discovery.

More importantly, science and technology as both a field and profession must be totally responsiable for the security aspects of every innovation made.

This is assisted, networked and further developed by the following processes.

Public Access: This feature makes the science more understandable to a larger population segment. Moreover, to inspire others with considerable academic experiences to formulate a democratic informative focus which assists greater comprehesion by the social, cultural, spiritual and political leadership about major science and technological issues of today.

Image: gdansk_night_life_rmc Gdansk Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC: Roof

Vodka ~ Poland has long been associated with quality vodka, and as such it makes a perfect last-minute gift to anyone but children and alcoholics. Most foreigners will opt for a bottle of Żubrowka, a unique Polish concoction hailing from the eastern plains. Each bottle contains a blade of grass, allegedly ‘fertilised’ with bison urine, and the drink is ideally served chilled and with a dash of apple juice. The local firewater, Goldwasser, is equally recommended. A thick, sweetish vodka containing ultra-thin flakes of gold, Goldwasser has been distilled in Gdańsk for several hundred years and the one-time Goldwasser distillery, Pod Łososiem, is still alive and functioning as one of the most exclusive restaurants in the area. Of note, the Goldwasser restaurant sells special gift sets containing two souvenir glasses and a bottle of the vodka.


With Gdańsk recently celebrating the anniversary of the landmark Solidarity strikes you can find many stalls and gift shops selling souvenir t-shirts, mugs and the like. Alternatively check out the kiosk at the famous #2 Gate or the Roads to Freedom exhibition (see Sightseeing).

View panoramas of Roof in progress.

Image: Support the GalleryAthens Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Athens has a very ancient traditional perception of being the home of human democratic behavior. Thus it is to no - surprise its night Life / nightlife likewise memics this as a socio - cultural atribute. Its National Gallery of Art relies on a partnership of public support and private philanthropy to carry out its mission of service to the nation. You can learn more about giving to the Gallery through a Web site feature, "Support the Gallery."

The following websites, groups, and forums reflects the additional component of Cultural Democracy as an additional backdrop of critical knowledege. ideas and furturistic percpetions which promotes the real value of International InterCultural Communicatiuons. This is based upon on how the National Cultural Fiesta [ as of Intternationl and National Cultural Fiesta ]is promoted within nation - to give clearity to ones own self-dependent culture and the society which houses its events and various practice. This is to assure the ability of ones own society can substain itself which being engage in the global aspect in International Globlization - which is within itself is primarily promoted within the growing powere of the Internet.

Once this is likewise assemilated within the public and private sector, then, the abilty of both the customer and community citizens can fully facilitate more independent action to produce events, pproducts and services while being fully aware that in such actions their own nation and culture is futher developing a more stable stance of being self- dependent.

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Press Releases are Wanted ! Contribute your ideas and likewise reflect upon your own social and cultural expectations and aspirations and join this effort. " Every voice is important but more importantly, having a University or College degree is not necessary, though helpful.

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First research all local ongoing weekly public social or cultural activities within your community ( Those which are on this European lists. ), call (607) 279 - 9945, or contact us by e-mail at euro-quest@lycos.comThe current bimonthly Calendar of Events is available in PDF format. (Download Acrobat Reader)

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