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The World is - a Fire with the concerts touring alive with music representing the great diverse cultural landscape of New York City    New York City is the Art Global center which competes open'y with Paris, France for the same title.  New York City's and its five boroughs has one of the most global diverse assortment of clubs, bars, and lounges to choose from.  New York City is a city if you know what you want to dine out for a paticular entree this city will offer it.    If its fashions, New York City lead the way on the International Run Ways of the global of planet Earth.
Performance / Performing Bands.
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New York City has a sociocultural / socioeconomic norm. If its trendy - the it will happen in New York City.
Fashions models who are looking for a useful InterNet marketing too should register with the Ithaca, New York based Free Modeling Registry.
The Original Trendetter: King Louis XIV
Get read for an eye-opnner.
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