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Austin Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is an Inter - City Cultural Communications website program netween the cities of Austin, Texas and Ithaca, New York.

Social and Cultural Activities.



Austin Historical Notes [ Source: Congressional Library ]

Marker at Place of Austin's Death
Marker at Place of Austin's Death

Steven F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of Texas," died on December 27, 1836, in Columbia (now West Columbia), Texas. He was buried at his sister's home at Peach Point Plantation near present-day Jones Creek, but was reinterred in 1910 on the "Hill of Heroes" in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. A monument had been placed on the site where Austin died in West Columbia, Brazoria County, during the Texas Centennial Year 1936 by the State of Texas, but the marker and entire area had been overgrown with weeds, and the property was filled with abandoned oil field equipment. It was impossible to recognize as a historically significant site in Texas history.

The property was purchased in 1994 by Billy F. Price, a Houston businessman and long-time county resident. The five-acre site was cleaned, a flagpole erected, and, beginning in 1994, a Texas flag was dedicated and flies continuously at the location of Austin's death. Each year, a new flag is raised at a rededication ceremony, and the flag flown the year before is presented to a local school. The rededication ceremony is intended to be an acknowledgment of and show appreciation for Texas history. The project is documented with a reports on the rededication ceremony; Austin's birthday ceremony; Samuel May Williams, Austin's friend; and Mary Austin Holley, Austin's cousin. In addition, there are several programs from the 1999 rededication ceremony, photos, a copy of a Brazoria County Proclamation honoring Stephen Fuller Austin, and a videotape of the 1999 rededication ceremony.

Originally submitted by: Ron Paul, Representative (14th District).

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Dance Ithaca E - Magazine: Central New York's first Online Dance  E - Zine publication.  You want this audience attention you will have to first go here and get your dance news items published.


World of Dance Visions:  World of Dance Visions started as a special to Dance Ithaca E - Magazine, then it focused on Ballroom Dance Champions as well as for Latin / Salsa.  It is now the news gathering site for city dance companies, and new dance teachers to send their dance news to.  This is then linked to Dance 4 American as like an online bureaus for each community this online publication.  More importantly Dance 4 America Online Publications, D.B.A. was like established as separate to Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy, D.B.A..
Dance 4 America Online Publications:
Dance Ithaa E - Magazine
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